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The Dirt on Clean Electric Cars - Bloomberg
New research shows some drivers might spew out less CO2 with a diesel engine.
environment  electric  car  pollution  driving  article  bloomberg 
2 days ago by aeng
The NBA Is Just What 2018 Needs
“I’m busier than I used to be, so season tickets are a thing of the distant past. This year I’ll probably watch fewer than a dozen games, often with the sound off, or for only an hour, and mostly during the playoffs. But I’ll still follow NBA analytics on the internet every day, and that way I will know I am truly a contemporary sports fan.”
tyler-cowen  bloomberg  sports  basketball  nba  analytics 
4 days ago by actualitems
U.K. Cyber Security Center Says Most Attacks Are From Hostile States - Bloomberg Oct 2018
"The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre blamed hostile foreign states for the majority of the 1,167 attacks it has handled in the two years it’s been running, equivalent to 10 assaults a week."

"As fifth generation or 5G telephone networks come into service, companies should examine their supply chains, which may be at greater risk of hacking, the report recommended."
Bloomberg  UK  cybersecurity  vulnerability  5G 
4 days ago by pierredv
The Robots Learn By Watching Us - Bloomberg
If you build a machine-learning robot and ask it “who are the best employees” and it goes out and examines the world and comes back and says “men, it’s men, men are the best,” then that tells you something surprising and complicated about either the world or your robot. But if you build a machine-learning robot and ask it “who are the candidates we like to hire” and it goes out and examines your hiring decisions and comes back and says “men, it’s men, you hire men,” then that tells you something quite straightforward about your hiring decisions.
mattlevine  bloomberg  machinelearning  writing 
8 days ago by danhon
The cybersecurity world is debating WTF is going on with Bloomberg’s Chinese microchip stories • Motherboard
Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, and Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai:
<p>On Tuesday, Bloomberg doubled down on its bombshell report from last week, which alleged China had surreptitiously implanted tiny chips into the motherboards of servers to spy on US companies such as Apple and Amazon. If true, this would be one of the worst hacks in history.

In its new story, Bloomberg reports that a US telecom discovered and removed “manipulated hardware” in its servers. The article does not name the telecom and the key claims are all attributed to one source, Yossi Appleboum, co-CEO of security consultant Sepio Systems. Bloomberg reports Appleboum provided “documents, analysis, and other evidence,” but does not publish those or provide more information about what types of documents or evidence it has.

It is not clear in the article that Bloomberg knows which telecom is apparently affected; it notes that Appleboum is covered by an non-disclosure agreement. Motherboard has reached out to 10 major US telecom providers, and the four biggest telecoms in the US have denied to Motherboard that they were attacked: In an email, T-Mobile denied being the one mentioned in the Bloomberg story. Sprint said in an email that the company does not use SuperMicro equipment, and an AT&T spokesperson said in an email that "these devices are not a part of our network, and we are not affected." A Verizon spokesperson said: "Verizon's network is not affected.” A CenturyLink spokesperson also denied that the company is the subject of Bloomberg's new story.</p>

The trio who wrote this are Motherboard's security writers - and they're probably three of the top five in the business.

Also telling: <a href="">a Twitter thread by ex-NSA staffer Robert Lee</a>, who says (inter alia) that the writers of the Bloomberg seem keen, and honest, but also attracted to conspiracy theories from anonymous sources.

As time goes by, the Bloomberg China microchip story is looking flakier.
cybersecurity  china  bloomberg  hacking 
11 days ago by charlesarthur

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