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Elevated aldosterone levels in patients with androgenetic alopecia
Background There is reported to be an elevated prevalence of hypertension among patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA), and it has been proposed that both phenomena may be explained by the presence of hyperaldosteronism. However, no data on aldosterone levels in patients with AGA have been published to date.

Objectives The objective of this pilot study was to evaluate aldosterone levels and the presence of hypertension in patients with AGA and in healthy controls.

Methods This case–control study included 40 patients with AGA and 40 healthy controls from the Dermatology Department of San Cecilio Hospital, Granada, Spain.

Results Patients with AGA showed significantly higher systolic blood pressure values (136·23 vs. 124·10 mmHg, P = 0·01) and aldosterone levels (197·35 vs. 133·71 pg mL−1, P = 0·007) vs. controls.

Conclusion The elevated aldosterone values in these patients may contribute, together with other mechanisms, to the development of AGA and may also explain the higher prevalence of hypertension. Blood pressure screening of patients with AGA will permit earlier diagnosis of an unknown hypertension and initiation of appropriate treatment.
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