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What it's really like to write made-for-TV Hallmark Christmas movies
These are my guilty pleasure, so it's interesting to see what the specific formula rules are.
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21 days ago by jennettefulda
The Day I Drove for Amazon Flex - The Atlantic
Though I have benefited in many ways from the gig economy, it seems like more and more people are getting exploited by it.
amazon  flex  gig  economy  delivery  shipping  prime  blogwidget 
july 2018 by jennettefulda
The Summer of Rage | The Cut
The reason the anger of a majority gets suppressed is because it has the power to imperil the rule of the minority.
blogwidget  thecut  trump  politics  patriarchy  white  supremacy  racism 
june 2018 by jennettefulda
We Made a Tool to Help You Hear Both Laurel and Yanny - The New York Times
There's an aural illusion going around and I was finally able to hear "Yanny" with this slider tool.
blogwidget  yanny  laurel  nyt  new  york  times  sound  illusion  aural 
may 2018 by jennettefulda
Your Facebook data is still vulnerable. I know because I made it that way. - The Washington Post
"It is remarkably easy to uncover the identities of Facebook users...All one needs to do is create an email account, populate the address book with email addresses of intended victims and upload those contacts into Facebook. Facebook will then display the profiles of users with matching email addresses, revealing their identities"
blogwidget  washpost  facebook  data  privacy 
april 2018 by jennettefulda
How Facebook Is Killing Comedy - Splitsider
How Facebook acts as a publisher and has killed the business model for many web sites. Also covers how they charge you to let your own subscribers see your content.
blogwidget  facebook  comedy  video  publishing  publisher  internet 
february 2018 by jennettefulda

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