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How do you listen to music on Spotify? - Matt Maldre
I try to listen to albums from time to time, just for the old school feel. But I like the flexibility of making my own playlists.
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2 days ago by mattmaldre
Making famous art into playable tiles in the museum store - Spudart
Next thing you know, I'll be making crazy arrangements with cereal boxes at the grocery store.
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3 days ago by mattmaldre
Automattic buys Tumblr for dirt cheap; adult content still banned | Diverse Tech Geek
I do hold out some hope that various web databases will start adhering to an open API that will allow for connections between large amounts of websites. Wordpress has a great public API. Most sites actually have this API open for anyone to query.

There MIGHT be the chance that blog posts will be more connected together. It's just up to people to make systems that are easy for the general public to use. I can see someone developing some sort of Facebook-like interface that connects together the world's blog posts on Wordpress and Tumblr.
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5 days ago by mattmaldre
Reflecting: July 2019 – Rebecca Rose Thering
How have you been feeling lately?
Tired, thoughtful

What is lifting you up?
My six-week-old daughter

What is weighing you down?
Not enough sleep.

Where will you place your attention in August?
Oh wow. We are halfway through August.
* I've been thinking about how to apply my new skills as a Wordpress systems developer. It's been fun learning how to import/export data into and out of Wordpress as part of my day job. I've been thinking about how I can make my own personal projects with these skills. Earlier this year I was building a website that catalogs all the baseball cards signed by baseball players with a Bible verse inscription. I might get into that again, and build the site so it can connect to the larger world of metadata vocabularies through Linked Open Data.
* Building photo albums online
* Design a birth announcement card
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10 days ago by mattmaldre
Saving the Planet: A stroll with the boys | Jorge Garcia
I'd like to see the art project he makes! (I have a 3-year-old daughter and a six-week-old daughter, and I used to collect stuff found in public all the time to make art)
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10 days ago by mattmaldre
Some recent projects | Michael J Donovan
I've been recently learning about Linked Open Data. How incredibly exciting it is that so many datasets are connected together. I immediately thought of how the Art Institute of Chicago recently redid their catalog, so I was curious if this revamp made the online collection into a LOD format dataset. I found your blog post here by doing a Google search.

Does the Art Institute have their online catalog as Linked Open Data? Or maybe it's in the roadmap? (Side note: I've always loved the Art Institute's online catalog. I blogged about it a number of times
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11 days ago by mattmaldre
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: Since March....
I've been lacking in posts on my blog too. I think part of it is wanting to write complete blog posts. Often times I need to get the images off my phone and into my post, but I don't have the time to connect all the images, so I let the blog post sit in drafts in my Evernote.

I don't like the idea of my RSS feed publishing posts without an image. If I got back two days later and update the image, most people's RSS readers won't catch that update, because it already pulled the article as soon as I published it. I'm thinking about customizing my RSS feed to update only once a week. However, I might be over thinking it.

Some days I think my blog might be better off as a wiki. Just a constantly updated website. Wikis are much more organized. And it might force me to organize my thoughts more. But then I would get into the trap of overthinking, instead of just writing and posting. So then I'm left stuck with unpublished posts.
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19 days ago by mattmaldre
Ladies and gentlemen: This is Magnatype! – L.T. Hanlon
The smaller typeface is a bit like the internet in the late 90s, early 00s. The body text was set really small. Nowadays, the trend seems to be to use much larger font size for body text. The Mangatype would be very fitting for today's online readers.
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25 days ago by mattmaldre
You are not allowed bioinformatics anymore
Essay on commonly bioinformatic mispractices leading to revoke of bioinformatics allowance.
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25 days ago by Jakob37

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