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An online Markdown editor, used by Kent C Dodds for his Medium posts (by copy-pasting the rendered output).
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17 days ago by acemarke
Flaque/mark-dom: A query API for markdown
Mark-dom is basically jQuery but for markdown.

If you've ever wanted to write a script that only edits a single part of a markdown doc and leaves the rest alone, then hopefully this brings you joy.
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july 2017 by acemarke
A Deep Look at New Collaborative Writing Tools Editorially, Draft and Penflip
Import and Export: Draft can import the largest variety of text files, including Evernote , and it can export quite the range, too: text or markdown, HTML, Word or Google Doc, PDF, Kindle and EPUB. After connecting an account, it can also publish directly to Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Buffer, iDoneThis or a WebHook URL. Draft leads the way of the three in publishing options.

Mobile and Offline Support: Draft offers a responsive design, so it’s usable on mobile but performs best on a computer.

Cost: Free but there's an optional subscription ($3.99 per month or $39.99 per year) that offers perks such as first access to new features.

The Extras: Draft’s analytics reports are such a cool idea for a writing tool. Seeing just how many total words you wrote that week can be a satisfying number. On top of that feature, Draft offers the most extras of the three tools:

The "Ask a Professional" Button - You can send your document to a staff of reviewers to get suggested edits. Draft is the "Uber for copy-editing".

Chrome Extension - If you’re on a page where you’re going to write, such as reddit or Facebook, use the Draft Chrome Extension to open a new tab and author the content in Draft. You’ll then be able to paste it back onto the other page.

Transcription Document Type - Draft has a document type designed to make easier to transcribe audio or video
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june 2017 by W6AZ
Draft review - Macworld UK
There are a few features that better the competition too. There's an onscreen word count, for example - a basic function that's missing from Google Docs. Analytics tools help you to set writing goals and measure your progress.

The biggest attraction is built-in support for markdown, a method for formatting written documents that has become popular among programmers, technical authors and bloggers due to its support in content management systems. It enables you to format text on the fly using simple, inline notation. Google Docs doesn't have it.

You can write documents using markdown, formatting as you go or you can continue to use the app's built in shortcuts and then save to markdown.

A word about import and export too. As an online service, Draft integrates with lots of other services. Though you won't find support for iCloud, you can import text documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and directly from a URL. You can also export to several text formats, including RTF, PDF, Kindle (.mobi) and MS Word.
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june 2017 by W6AZ
6 Reasons a New Writing Tool Called Draft Is Revolutionizing Author Collaboration
Draft is an online editor, meaning it runs in any browser. You don’t need to download or install any additional software to use it, and neither does anyone you’re collaborating with. Plus, it’ll work on any operating system, so there’s no worry about Mac or PC interoperability.
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june 2017 by W6AZ
The Best Markdown Editor for Web - Make Tech Easier
Dillinger and StackEdit prove to be our two top picks for online Markdown editing due to their quality design and feature-set. Choosing a definitive winner isn’t possible given their similarities, meaning that you may as well choose based on UI. We prefer StackEdit in this field, and noticed that StackEdit created a better PDF from our sample text, given the fact it featured chapter breaks for additional structuring. Neither is likely to cause you much trouble, and we feel confident that both should remain viable options for the foreseeable future.
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june 2017 by W6AZ
A simple way to write, edit, and publish documentation online using Google Docs and Markdown | I'd Rather Be Writing
Of all the Markdown-to-HTML tools out there, is hands-down the best, since it handles both Markdown and Markdown Extra formatting flawlessly. You can also save content as a PDF if you needed to.
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june 2017 by W6AZ

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