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Testing a Node.js HTTP server with Mocha ·

You may notice that the server doesn’t start automatically. You have to call listen for anything to happen. Setting up the server like this makes require idempotent, which is a good thing.


I happen to use Mocha for testing, but the concepts described here should be applicable to other JavaScript test frameworks.

Before getting to the actual tests, there’s a little bit of boilerplate to get out of the way. The test suite should fire up the server when it starts and kill the server when it finishes.

var server = require('../lib/server');
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3 hours ago by ndf
goTenna Mesh Review: Disaster-Proof Ultra-Portable Phone Network That Fits In Your Pocket
This little thumb sized travel gadget could save your life. The goTenna Mesh is one of the most impressive new travel products I’ve come across recently. It will fundamentally change the way you communicate with people that you travel with, in the best way possible.
travel  blog  family  holiday  With  Bender 
5 hours ago by travelwithbender
Farnam Street
Farnam Street is devoted to helping you develop an understanding of how the world really works, make better decisions, and live a better life.
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7 hours ago by karlschwaier
DayGram - 1 line a day Diary в App Store
DayGram - 1 line a day Diary: чтение обзоров, сравнение оценок покупателей, просмотр иллюстраций и дополнительной информации о приложении. Загрузка приложения DayGram - 1 line a day Diary для iPhone, iPad или iPod touch.
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8 hours ago by moalex
Freelance Cafe
a support, networking, and resource center for freelancers, artists, contractors, and other independents
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9 hours ago by xyai
This Teen Has Reviewed Hundreds Of MBTA Stations And Lines | WBUR News
“We read it not just because we enjoy it. We’re all transit nerds in a similar way," says David Block-Schacter, the MBTA's chief technology officer. "We also read it because when we’re trying to figure out something about a station, usually he’s the best resource on the web.”

Miles has already finished reviewing all of the core T subway lines (the Red, Blue, Green and Orange lines), and he has just 22 more commuter rail stations to check before going off to college.

miles on the mbta getting the recognition it deserves
boston  transit  mbta  blog 
10 hours ago by madamim

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