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Hundred Rabbits — Map
"We have sailed 23'669km making tools, games, recipes, and videos."
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2 hours ago by mechazoidal
How to Fix Social Media by Injecting A Chunk of the Blogosphere
And guess what? So have Twitter and Facebook. Just by enduring, those places have become places for lasting connections and friendships and career opportunities, in a way the blogosphere never was, at least for me. (Maybe this is partly a function of timing, but look: I was there.) And this means that, despite their toxicity, despite their shortcomings, despite all the promises that have gone unfulfilled, Twitter and Facebook have continued to matter in a way that blogs don’t.
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5 hours ago by rianvdm
The Dickens Pattern • The No Fear Zone
​ The Dickens Pattern Your Compelling Future The Dickens Pattern is an NLP technique popularized by Anthony Robbins in his Unleash the Power Within Seminar.
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21 hours ago by Bernie7
How a technology website like this makes money - Techcoil
articles to some technical problems, book recommendations for reading pleasure and self-improvement and some tools to help make some work a little faster.
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yesterday by grntwlkr
12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey’s Çanakkale Region
I recently had the opportunity to visit Troy and Gallipoli on a tour of Turkey’s Çanakkale province (pronounced “Chan-uh-ka-lay”). I knew there’d be a lot to learn from these famous sites, but I did not expect Çanakkale to be such a wonderful off-the-beaten-path vacation destination. Çanakkale is a dream destination for anyone interested in history, but even if you’re not the world’s biggest history buff, you still can’t go wrong with a trip to Çanakkale. Here’s 12 reasons why.
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yesterday by travelwithbender
Google AI Blog: Soft Actor-Critic: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotics
Deep reinforcement learning (RL) provides the promise of fully automated learning of robotic behaviors directly from experience and interaction in the real world, due to its ability to process complex sensory input using general-purpose neural network representations. (via Pocket at January 18, 2019 at 02:52PM )
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yesterday by amaral

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