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Rolls-Royce joins forces with Google Cloud to help make autonomous ships a reality
Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop further its intelligent awareness systems which are making existing vessels safer and are essential to making autonomous ships a reality. The agreement, believed to be the first in the marine sector, was signed today at the Google Cloud Summit in Sweden. It allows Rolls-Royce to use Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine to further train the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) based object classification system for detecting, identifying and tracking the objects a vessel can encounter at sea.
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21 hours ago by mikael
Using a Yubikey for GPG and SSH
My goal was to use them as two-factor devices, because I do not like the mobile- or tan-based two-factor authentication approach. The reasoning behind this is, that while travelling through certain countries, receiving text messages can cost up to multiple euros and one does not travel with his tan list...
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2 days ago by mikael
Pictures and Text, Text and Pictures
I recently came across an interview with Moyra Davey in which the role of text alongside photography was discussed. “Writing holds ideas and feelings in a way that is much more stable,” Davey asserted, “whereas a photograph is ambiguous and has the ability to distort much more than a text.” Reading this, I initially found myself nodding. Yes, that’s how it works, or rather that’s the difference between text and pictures. But the more I think about it, the less certain I am that I actually agree with this statement. I’ve now arrived at a point where I think that maybe Davey’s statement is true if one takes text and pictures as separate entities. However, the moment they are made to interrelate, I don’t think sweeping statements about what text or separately pictures do can be made any longer. Instead, one would have to look at what text and pictures do together, how one informs the other in what seems to me a possibly complex relationship.
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2 days ago by mikael
Paradigm shifts for the decentralized Web
Most Web applications today follow the adage “your data for my services”. They motivate this deal from both a technical perspective (how could we provide services without your data?) and a business perspective (how could we earn money without your data?). Decentralizing the Web means that people gain the ability to store their data wherever they want, while still getting the services they need. This requires major changes in the way we develop applications, as we migrate from a closed back-end database to the open Web as our data source. In this post, I discuss three paradigm shifts a decentralized Web brings, demonstrating that decentralization is about much more than just controlling our own data. It is a fundamental rethinking of the relation between data and applications, which—if done right—will accelerate creativity and innovation for the years to come.
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3 days ago by mikael
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards Rhizome $1 Million for Further Development of Webrecorder
We’re thrilled to announce today that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Rhizome a $1 million grant to underwrite the next phase of development of Webrecorder, our platform to create and share fully interactive, high-fidelity archival copies of websites past and present. This largest gift in Rhizome’s history will support Webrecorder’s implementation in institutional contexts, while upgrading capture and usability for all users. We’re proud to offer this innovative, open-source service free-of-charge at—take it out for a spin! (Or check out the code.)
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4 days ago by mikael
The Six Major Differences Between the Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic GH5s
As we mentioned in our recent article showing off the Most Rented New Products of 2017, people love the Panasonic GH5; and our video techs love it too. With 4:2:2 10-bit in 4K, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better video camera in a smaller package. But this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic surprised us all, with the announcement of the Panasonic GH5s, so let’s go through what this means.
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4 days ago by mikael
Surly ECR: Bike Touring 1,000 KM Impressions
It’s a somewhat of a slack bike. Not as playfully designed as the fun-loving Krampus, but also not as upright as the Ogre or Troll.
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6 days ago by mikael
Does Social Media Make People Less Social?: A Research Note
Perhaps it is time to retire the sage warning that too many glowing screens will lead to empty bar stools and café counters. The common advice that social media is best used in moderation, and only so long as users keep engaging face-to-face isn’t negated by the research, but shown irrelevant—people are using social media to facilitate, augment, and supplement face-to-face interaction. There’s enough to worry over in this world, thanks to the research, we can take mass social isolation off the list.
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8 days ago by mikael

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