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Facebook is using us. It is actively giving away our information. It is creating an echo chamber in the name of connection. It surfaces the divisive and destroys the real reason we began using social media in the first place – human connection. It is a cancer.
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yesterday by mikael
New Sony A7r III Color Processing Is Now Quite Beautiful
I’ve heard rumors the new Sony A7r III has improved the way it handles colors but have never really seen any samples. When the Sony A7rIII arrived it was the first thing I noticed, and wow! I feel like the colors are somewhere between the look of Nikon and Olympus with very soft and neutral tones. Previous Sony profiles were pretty rough, harsh and digital, especially when shooting in mixed lighting. You almost always had to adjust the colors to get things looking natural, especially when dealing with skin tones where things were a bit pink with notes of harsh yellows. This has all been improved and overall feels like the camera is now smarter when trying rendering accurate colors. There is still something about the yellows that scream Sony to me with the Standard profile, but at least my daughter doesn’t look like the Simpsons anymore and the colors all around feel more natural.
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4 days ago by mikael
10 Ways To Explore The Internet Archive For Free
The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of fascinating media, texts, and ephemera. Items that if they didn’t exist here, would be lost forever. Yet so many of our community members have difficulty describing what exactly it is…that we do here. Most people know us for the Wayback Machine, but we are so much more. To that end, we’ve put together a fun and useful guide to exploring the Archive. So, grab your flashlight and pith hat and let your digital adventure begin…  blog-posts 
4 days ago by mikael
Salsa Journeyman, New Gravel and All-road Bike
Salsa just unveiled the Journeyman, a new gravel/all-road bike with clearance for 650b x 2.2″ or 700c x 50mm tires and plenty of bikepacking-friendly features. Priced at $899 or $1,099, the Journeyman seems to be quite a bargain for those looking to dabble in backroad wandering or gravel road adventure.
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4 days ago by mikael
Guide to Sony a7 III Camera Menu Settings Hacks
Here’s a list of settings you’ll want to change as soon as you get the camera.
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5 days ago by mikael
An Inside Look at the Rokinon 50mm AF FE Autofocus Lens
This lens was a pleasant surprise. No, it’s not built like a tank. But it is built like a small, efficient, well-constructed lens. With some of the previous Samyang / Rokinon lenses we disassemble them going “Oh, that’s going to break. This could be a problem.” We didn’t see any obvious weak points like that with this lens. It’s a clear step up in construction quality. It should be, it’s also a step up in price point. We also were very, very pleasantly surprised by the adjustable elements in this lens. For those of you who don’t know, many inexpensive lenses (and some quite expensive ones) are often simple stacks of ‘element – spacer – element – spacer.’ There’s no optical adjustment that can be done. What you get is what you get, and what you get is often decentered. So another pleasant surprise.
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5 days ago by mikael
The Death of Beautiful Rendition and 3D Pop on Modern Lenses
With the release of high-quality modern lenses that are made to satisfy our insatiable appetite for sharpness, it seems that they also come with a curse. Unlike older classics that shone with their stunning look and feel, along with their beautiful rendition qualities that resulted in particularly attractive photographs with subjects popping out of the scene (also known as “3D pop”), it seems like modern lenses are no longer equipped to give us this magic – they are made to look flat and dull, lacking the character of the old classics. In this article, we will go through a number of different images shot with modern lenses and compare them to their classic counterparts and see how they do. Grab a cup of coffee, sit tight and put on your glasses, because you will need them. And yes, that even applies to those with 20/20 vision.
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7 days ago by mikael
A comparison to the mini-speedlights for Fuji: Godox TT350 and Nissin i40
All in all the only advantages the i40 has over the TT350 is a tiny bit more power (which I doubt you'd clock in the shot), a more intuitive menu and its 360 degree rotation. I'm sorry (for Nissin) to say that the Godox TT350 totally trumps it on all other fronts, it's lighter with batteries in, its radio functions are way more advanced at literally less than half the price. And with full radio compatibility with a bigger range of Godox flashes including the pocket speedlight/barebulb AD200, it's a no brainer to go for Godox, you can buy it directly below!
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8 days ago by mikael
Introducing the Web Media Extension Package with OGG Vorbis and Theora support for Microsoft Edge
We’ve heard requests from many of our customers to support additional open-source formats in order to access a broader set of content on the web. To address this, we recently added support for the WebM container format and the VP9 and Opus codecs on supported hardware.
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8 days ago by mikael
Free Accommodation: Wild Camping (1 of 3) - CyclingAbout
Alleykat recommend stopping 10kms (at least) before or after a town, heading down a small road off the main route and looking for dense tree coverage. Use your eyes; if you can’t see your camping spot, it’s likely others won’t be able to either.
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8 days ago by todddenney
The Lifecycle of Lead Generation Channels
This article is the second part of a series of two posts extracted from a workshop focused on lead generation that we held during our Point Nine SaaS Founder Meetup. If you want to be kept informed of our new posts you can subscribe to our content newsletter or follow our Medium channel.
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9 days ago by mikael
How to write an IRC bot
My disdain for Slack and many other Silicon Valley chat clients is well known, as is my undying love for IRC. With Slack making the news lately after their recent decision to disable the IRC and XMPP gateways in a classic Embrace Extend Extinguish move, they’ve been on my mind and I feel like writing about them more. Let’s compare writing a bot for Slack with writing an IRC bot.
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9 days ago by mikael
Slack's bait and switch
We all know the real reason Slack has closed off their gateways. Their business model dictates that they should. Slack's business model is to record everything said in a workspace and then to sell you access to their record of your conversations. They're a typical walled garden, information silo or Siren Server. So they have to close everything off, to make sure that people can't extract their conversations out of the silo. We saw it with Google, who built Gtalk on XMPP and even federated with other XMPP servers, only to later stop federation and XMPP support in favour of trying to herd the digital cattle into the Google+ enclosure. Facebook, who also built their chat app on XMPP at first allowed 3rd party XMPP clients to connect and then later dropped interoperability.

Twitter, although not using or supporting XMPP, had a vibrant 3rd party client ecosystem which they killed off once they felt big enough. Slack, like so many others before them, pretend to care about interoperability, opening up just so slightly, so that they can lure in people with the promise of "openness", before eventually closing the gate once they've achieved sufficient size and lock-in.
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9 days ago by mikael

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