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How I use Anki to learn mathematics
Here is my first less wrong post (after years spent blogging in French). I discovered Anki on this blog. I'm now sharing the tips I've been using for months to learn mathematics with Anki. Example(s) of deck can be found on
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2 days ago by doneata
How we used Category Theory to solve a problem in Java
A few months ago, my colleague Chris Myers and I used some basic category theory concepts to guide us to a design that elegantly solved a problem in a Java codebase.

It isn’t the only way we could have arrived at the design; anyone could have done it, really! However, you might find it interesting to see what practical application of these ideas can look like. Importantly, category theory gives us a framework to shed light on what makes many good design concepts useful, and why.
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may 2018 by doneata
Symbolic computation
So what is symbolic computation? To better understand what it is, we need to understand the two terms that make up the name: symbolic and computation.

The use of the word symbolic is ancient -- from the Latin symbolicus, Greek συμβολικός meaning "of, or belonging to a symbol"; and thence to symbol (Ancient Greek συμβάλλω), meaning "a sign by which one infers something". And, most interestingly, its meaning has not changed!
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may 2018 by doneata
Einsum is all you need: Einstein summation in deep learning
When talking to colleagues I realized that not everyone knows about einsum, my favorite function for developing deep learning models. This post is trying to change that once and for all! :) Einstein summation (einsum) is implemented in numpy, as well as deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow and, thanks to Thomas Viehmann, recently also PyTorch. For background reading on einsum, I recommend the excellent blog posts by Olexa Bilaniuk and Alex Riley. While their posts discuss einsum in the context of numpy, I am going to illustrate how einsum is extremely useful for writing elegant PyTorch/TensorFlow models.
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may 2018 by doneata
Are functional programs easier to verify than imperative programs?
The high-order bit is that the three programs he suggested are equally easy/hard to verify in imperative and functional styles. This is because none of the programs make any significant use of procedural abstraction.

The difficulty of imperative programming arises from the combination of state, aliasing and procedure calls. Any two of these features can be handled without that much difficulty, but the combination of all three effectively makes reasoning (nearly) as difficult as correct concurre...
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may 2018 by doneata
I think I am at least somewhat more productive than average, and people sometimes ask me for productivity tips. So I decided to just write them all down in one place.

Compound growth gets discussed as a financial concept, but it works in careers as well, and it is magic. A small productivity gain, compounded over 50 years, is worth a lot. So it’s worth figuring out how to optimize productivity. If you get 10% more done and 1% better every day compared to someone else, the compounded differen...
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april 2018 by doneata
Productivity - Sam Altman
Sam Altman goes straight to the point. This is the best ratio of good advice/words on productivity I've seen in my life.
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april 2018 by simsalis
Productivity - Sam Altman
I think I am at least somewhat more productive than average, and people sometimes ask me for productivity tips.  So I decided to just write them all down in one place.

Compound growth gets...
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april 2018 by vanadium

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