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IBA Opt-out (by Google) - Chrome Web Store
This extension opts you out of the DoubleClick advertising cookie, which Google uses to show you interest-based ads on partnering websites.

- Stops interest-based ads on some of the websites that partner with Google
- One-time install on Chrome
- Opt out remains in effect, even after you clear your browser’s cookies
google  ad  block  blocker  opt-out  browser  plugin  chrome  add-on  extension  doubleclick  stop  advertising 
29 days ago by ebouchut
xd4rker/MinerBlock: An efficient browser extension to block browser-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web.
An efficient browser extension to block browser-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web. - xd4rker/MinerBlock
mt  browser  extension  tooled  cryptocurrency  mining  blocker  firefox  chrome  opera  opensource 
4 weeks ago by orlin
8 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2018 | Filter Spam Calls
8 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2018 | Filter Spam Calls
8  Best  Android  Call  Blocker  App  List  For  2018  |  Filter  Spam  Calls 
12 weeks ago by kilroy2
Focus Website Blocker for Mac — Block The Internet — Block Distracting Apps — Focus
A Mac app to block distracting websites and applications

Reclaim your productivity by using the best distraction blocker for the Mac. Block distracting websites and apps like Facebook, so you can finally get some work done (and some peace).
mac  app  focus  productivity  blocker 
october 2018 by segfault

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