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RT : Nothing “alleged” about it. These officers assaulted this individual.
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5 weeks ago by rossgrady
say it with your whole black mouth by Danez Smith - Poems |
say it with your whole black mouth: i am innocent
& if you are not innocent, say this: i am worthy of forgiveness, of breath after breath
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7 weeks ago by moireach
American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin [“Probably twilight makes blackness dangerous”] by Terrance Hayes | Poetry Magazine
something happened in Ferguson
And Brooklyn & Charleston, something happened
In Chicago & Cleveland & Baltimore & happens
Almost everywhere in this country every day.
Probably someone is prey in all of our encounters.
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7 weeks ago by moireach
Glad his wife got justice. This guy blamed for his crazy plan to kill his wife.
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8 weeks ago by KateSherrill

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