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RT : So it's not simply a matter of supporting both and , it's a matter of recognizing that the issue of g…
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18 hours ago by kohlmannj
RT : Auto worker's black-history quilt memorializes 5,000 souls lost to lynch mobs in U.S.
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11 days ago by anneheathen
I want ya’ll to remember these videos when people come for protests☕️
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20 days ago by andriak
Race issues, BLM cause, police brutality, black poverty, conservatives on Universities, etc
BLM  Race  Racism  Blacks  politicallyincorrect  Academia  lemoine  loury  bloggingheads  video 
6 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
RT : Very proud to have co-written this piece with the amazing Opal Tometi , co-founder of . We figured it w…
BLM  from twitter
9 weeks ago by DocDre
Very proud to have co-written this piece with the amazing Opal Tometi , co-founder of . We figured it w…
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9 weeks ago by bokane

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