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Hull Bomb Map
Being a street plan of Kingston upon Hull circa 1945 plotting the position of all HE bombs and Parachute Mines (aka Land Mines) dropped by enemy action during the Blitz.
Kingston-upon-Hull  bombing  war  Blitz 
5 weeks ago by metalibrarian
Why Godox is succeeding where Yongnuo failed - DIY Photography
Even though I was once one of Yongnuo’s loudest advocates, I can’t see myself ever switching back. Even if they released a complete unified system with every flash I could possibly need tomorrow, I’m happy where I’m at, to be frank. Yongnuo should have done what Godox did, only they should’ve done it 5-10 years ago.
fotografie  blitz 
august 2018 by jchris
RT : The last two episodes of have been brilliant -- affecting and educating at a high level. The next one is eve…
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december 2017 by sharon_howard
In case anyone was interested in the children's essays in last night's ': The Bombs that Changed Britain' on…
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december 2017 by sharon_howard
Nissin i60A review - Ricks Reviews
Full review of the bigger and more powerful Nissin i60A that is compatible with the Nissin Air System for the Sony E-mount, with lots of photos.
flash  sony  blitz  nissin  i60A 
september 2017 by erikwb
Nissin Digital Flash: i40 Introduction
[Nissin Japan official website]Nissin is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units.
It has supplied high quality lighting to the worldwide photographic community since its founding in February 12, 1959 by Koshiro Hino. For almost 50 years, Nissin has maintained exceptional quality standards that two generations of photographers have relied on for their lighting needs.
a6500  blitz  sony 
august 2017 by erikwb

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