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minted from the ivory of your tooth and eye by sugarboat
Jon's becoming is a bit more overwhelming than he's prepared to deal with on his own. Peter has some knotty ideas on how to help.
fanfic  magnus.archives  bdsm  dub-con  bondage  gags  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  mind.control  blindfold 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Real Person Slash (Supernatural): Leather and Lace
Author's Summary: Jared Padalecki knows he's a sub, but not only is he a very naive nineteen year old, he has no idea on what goes on in a BDSM club. He attracts the attention of the committed Dom pair of JDM and Jensen; who is looking for their own sub, but he also attracts the unwanted attention of some unsavory characters and ends up being raped. (WC: 98,006)
RPS  Supernatural  D/s  Restraints  Non-Con(Not_Bet_Partners)  Angst:Just_a_Bit  Ruffied  Sounding  Subspace  BDSM  3some  Start_of_a_Relationship  Established_Relationship  Injured:Jared_Padalecki  Cock_Ring  Blindfold  Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan/Jensen_Ackles/jared_padalecki  Subdrop  Cock_Cage:Leather  Butt_Plug  Double_Penetration  Spanking:Disciplinary  Rimming  WC:75001-100000 
may 2018 by sternfan
Sherlock: An Unconventional Affair
Author's Summary: A series of five erotic encounters between a thrill-seeking ex-soldier on short fuse and a senior, and very dangerous, civil servant. (WC: 33,384)
Sherlock(BBC)  Mycroft/john  Intercural_Sex  Prostate_Milking  Medical_Kink  Rimming  In_the_Linen_Closet  Oral_Fixation  Angst:Just_a_Bit  Post_Reichenbach  Blindfold  Role_Play  Having_an_Affair  WC:25001-50000 
may 2018 by sternfan
REQUEST: Wincestiel, threesome, dub con, blindfold
Dean is in a sexual relationship with Sam and more recently, Cas. Problem is, Cas disapproves of his relationship with Sam and wants him to break it off. Dean has another idea. He suggests Cas put on a blindfold during foreplay and sneaks Sam in, who has been wanting to play with the angel anyway. Cas is none the wiser and turns to mush from Sam and Dean alternating in taking turns sucking him off, kissing him, exploring every inch of him. He figures it out when he's lying on his back in Dean's arms, Sam standing between his legs, both brothers' cocks inside his hole and his cock up Sam's.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  threesome  dubcon  blindfold 
december 2017 by Mayalaen
Sherlock: Sherlock Kinky Shorts
Author's Summary: This fic is what it says on the tin - a collection of kinky shorts, and PWP stories from the characters of the Sherlock universe to tease, torment, and titillate whoever cares to delve in! (WC: 18,603)
Sherlock(BBC)  PWP  Collection_of_Oe_Shots  John/sherlock  Alpha/omega  Male_Pregnancy  Puppy_Play  John/ofc  OMC/john  Docking  In_a_Hotel_Room  Wrestling_as_Foreplay  AU  Bedwarmer:John_Watson  Greg/mycroft  Restraints  Blindfold  Spanking  WC:10000-25000 
august 2017 by sternfan
Blindfold Games
Blindfolds Tent

Blindfolds tent is great for developing communication. We also use blindfold tent as a point scoring project as part of a multi project activity.

Works well with groups of around 4 people, for larger groups use more tents.

Best to use a simple tent. Give the team plenty of time to familiarise themselves with the tent including putting it up once or twice. Then run a timed attempt, the start point being the tent in the bag.

The blindfolds bit comes in because only team members wearing blindfolds can touch the tent. Sighted team members can only direct others typically working 1:1 with the team members wearing blindfolds.

Blind Square

This one is all about problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Use a rope about 20m long with the ends joined to make a large loop. Blindfolds for each person. Work on an open grassed lawn with no obstacles / slopes.

Ask everyone to wear blindfolds then give the rope to one of the team members. Ask the team to put the rope on the ground in shape of the largest square possible. The team must wear blindfolds throughout.

Time should be about 30 minutes.

Team size should be about 4-10.
blindfold  ropes  bsa  fortroop147  game  games  teambuilding  trust 
may 2017 by djuggler
Buy series by Bibliotecaria_D
Decepticon culture makes it difficult to find someone to share nonsexual, nonviolent physical affection. Swindle sees potential for a new market and makes a mint.
fanfic  transformers  roleplay  blindfold  bondage  series  cuddling  ao3  bonding  jealousy  injury  clothes.kink  bdsm  d/s  collars  words:75.000-100.000 
january 2017 by hatinjacket
Request: Cas/Dean, rescue, desperation, forced but not unwelcome feelings?
Someone captures Cas and puts him in a warded room, they blindfold him and shoot him twice with cupid's arrows and the next day give him a lust spell enema. That's the last time they enter the room. Castiel is trapped darkness yearning for someone , though no one specific (his mind can drift to Dean but not latch) and feeling consumed by need though not really knowing a need for what or how to fullfill it.

The goal of the captor was to have rescuer Dean be killed by the rabid love of his angel and then watch the angel waste away in anguish.

Only, he underestimated Cas who is lost in delirium when the door is opened and Dean lifts the blindfold from Cas' eyes. Everything clicks into place but Cas could never do that to Dean. He weeps and shies away from his touch not knowing if he can control himself if Dean keeps touching him. At the bunker Cas is near mute and always leaving the room if Dean is in it. The Winchester's know something is up but can't figure it out and Cas won't explain. It's pretty obvious it has something to do with Dean and it's killing Dean that the angel he's been harboring a secret crush on can't even be in the same room as him anymore when he used to stand so close they'd be touching half the time. Cas is going a little crazy with desperation, he tried toys and self completion but the effects are nauseating.

Dean finds him one day pacing a small room, growling and whimpering. When he calls out Cas' name the angel goes stock still and turns his gaze on Dean. Dean corners the angel and tells him he knows somethings up and he hopes Cas knows that he'd do anything to help him. Cas gives in and asks… if he could hold Dean's hand. Skeptical Dean reaches out for Cas and the angel nearly collapses holding back the wave of desire while basking in the joy of contact. Dean catches him and Cas curls in on him trying not to lose himself but unable to pull away. He eventually confesses everything. Dean asks if a quick fuck will get it out of his system and Cas says yes because maybe he can get a hold on his love for Dean if the need to join isn't so overwhelming.

Bottom Cas, love confessions from both, pining, touch starved, love confession (the arrows just amplify the spark that Cas felt for Dean and it's permanent.)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  desperation  captivity  kidnapping  blindfold  curse/spell 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
A Cup of Tea by pantswarrior
Upon Phoenix and Miles re-establishing their relationship after years apart, Phoenix discovers that Kristoph has left him a little something to remember him by - something Miles is not at all comfortable dealing with, much less continuing.
fanfic  AceAttorney  bdsm  negotiation.kink  abuse  scars  bondage  blindfold  ao3  Phoenix/Edgeworth  Phoenix/Kristof  marking  injury 
november 2016 by hatinjacket
Request: Dean/other(s) multiple orgasms, aphrodisiac, dub con, monsters, blindfolds
Dean is somewhere with a groups of other people; party, conference, whatever; and his plate and cup were coated with a powerful aphrodisiac and a sedative. He gets lured into a room where he is eagerly engaging in sex with one or more people. After he's enjoyed himself the person blindfolds him. He's not protesting because it looks like more fun is about to happen. A creature, up to the author, enters the room and takes over.

Dean realizes something is different when the thing starts to fuck him. Maybe the cock is bigger or shaped strangely. He's still super horny is totally into it and the creature makes him come multiple times.

The blindfold falls off at some point and Dean sees who he is with, he is too high and fucked out to properly freak. As he has another orgasm his brain shuts off and he goes with it. Up to the author how it ends
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  kink:multiple-orgasms  dubcon  blindfold 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Other, blindfolded, restrained, nipple play, coming untouched
Dean (age 17) is left tied to a chair, a tree, a post, whatever in nothing but his jeans or boxers. Circumstances can be explained or not.

Someone finds him. Can be John, Bobby, Sam, OMC....but instead of immediately freeing him they decide to play with him a little first. They can be conflicted about this or not.

Basically...its all about the nipples. They touch and tease and play with them until Dean comes in his jeans.

Dean can also be gagged if nonnie prefers.

Genderswap is also acceptable - If that is the case Dean should only be in her panties and I would really, really appreciate if she squirted when she came- enough to soak them completely through.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/any  blindfold  restraints  nipple  cominguntouched  underage  nippleplay 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
John/Jensen, teen!jensen, kidnap, non-con, bondage, gag, blindfold, bareback
Would prefer Jensen to be 15 years old and a virgin.

After leaving Sam and Dean with Pastor Jim, John goes on a solo hunt in Richardson, Texas. After finishing the hunt with no complications, John goes out into town and thinks he sees Dean with another family. After speaking to dean at Jim's while watching the family, he discovers this kid just looks a lot like his boy. John has always had wrong feelings about Dean given how much he looks like Mary but would never do anything because he's his son. This boy is not his son though.

After getting Jensen on his own, John kidnaps him and takes him to a hotel on the edge of town. Once he is tied to the bed and blindfolded, John rapes him many times throughout the night. In the morning, John leaves town with Jensen gagged and still tied naked to the bed waiting for the maid to find him.
pairing:john/jensen  rps  underage  noncon  bareback  blindfold  bondage  gags  restraints  :spn  virgin  fps  crossover  kidnapping 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
worlds are built for two
"This okay?" Poe asks again, an anxious thing straining his expression and drawing his shoulders tight and Finn breathes in, out, tugs on his wrists to feel the rope binding him to the bedframe against his skin. He considers the slow thud of his heart in his chest, the easy lassitude in his muscles, the trust he feels as something tangible under his breastbone. It's still thin-skinned and fragile, frail the way any newborn is, but it's there and Finn is… Yeah, he's okay.
fic  starwars  tfa  slash  rating:nc-17  finn  poe  finn/poe  bdsm  bondage  blindfold 
may 2016 by krytella
Lavender and Lace
DEAN really is freaked out by the ridiculously flowery room in Thin Lizzie. He can't possibly have sex with Sam with all the doilies etc (or even sleep for that matter). So Sam blindfolds him and distracts him in the best possible way.

Bonus if Sam ties Dean's hands as well, just to keep him from tugging at his blindfold of course, and teases the hell out of him before he lets him come.

Top!Sam only please.
pairing:sam/dean  blindfold  bondage  bottom!Dean  analsex  fucking  fingering  rimming  :spn  top!Sam 
march 2016 by Mayalaen
Up for Round Two
Sequel to this:
Author has given permission.

Years later Dean walks into the same bar. He’s bigger, tougher looking and the young, longhaired man with him is built like a house! The tall, blond man is there and when he first sees Dean and his companion he’s certain this will be his last day on earth. But when Dean runs a hand along the table they took him on and blushes slightly, the tall blond man thinks he might just live another day.

When Dean leaves the bar that night it’s with a hard on and a crumpled napkin in his back pocket with an address on. The next day he makes up an excuse and leaves Sam in the motel room to go meet the men he hustled in pool years back.
This is no longer noncon as Dean got an itch only those men can scratch. But it is non-negotiated BDSM and possible dubcon is some situations.

Any kinks welcome but no scat, urin and blood. Remember the lube!
I will love you forever if you go heavy on the verbal humiliation and focus on Dean struggling with his pride; he loves it but doesn’t feel like he should.
pairing:dean/omc(s)  comeaslube  sequel  begging  blindfold  bondage  bottom!Dean  analsex  fucking  comeplay  fingering  oralsex  cockring  gags  humiliation  masturbation  :spn  handcuffs 
march 2016 by Mayalaen

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