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Projection Mapping 101 - Francois Huyghe - Medium
For our first projection mapping project we decided to go with a simple workflow, using MadMapper and Blender. Here are the steps that were taken.
madmapper  blender  3dmodelling  uv  unwrapping  3d 
yesterday by jeanpoole
Textures: All | Texture Haven
100% Free High Quality Textures for Everyone
Blender  library  textures 
7 days ago by AlanRalph
Poliigon - A library of materials, and HDRs for artists including free textures
A library of materials, and HDR's for artists including free textures that want photorealism.
3D_Design  Blender  archive  Art  3d  free  textures  artists 
7 days ago by AlanRalph

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