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Are you a or supporting teachers shifting to ? Add to your summer reading…
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24 days ago by tolkien
Site used to teach blended learning - $$
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march 2019 by amann
Check out the “Do This, Not That” series to create effective flipped learning [Bergmann]
The series as of today includes these videos/topics:

#1 Explain How – Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning (2019)

#2 Microconversations – Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning 2019

#3 Embracing Failure in Education – Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning (2019)

#4 Choice of Utilization- Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning (2019)

#5 Differentiation – Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning (2019)

#6 Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to Plan – Global E...
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january 2019 by bonni208
Do This, Not That #1 - Flipped Learning Global Initiative
"Do This, Not That" video series supports #flippedlearning approach - worth a look >
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january 2019 by bonni208

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