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Zuru Turbo Advance - Internals & Spring Swap - Modifications - NerfHaven
So! I've been excitedly waiting for the Zuru X-Shot Turbo Advance to arrive somewhere I could actually buy it. Currently, it's available in the US at Sam's Club and Bass Pro. Neither of those are great places to have to go for NERF-related stuff (One being a membership club store, the other having few locations), and living in the Pacific Northwest, neither readily accessible (We have loads of Costco's, Sam's hasn't gotten a foothold). Fortunately, I live in the one part of the PNW where Bass Pro is convenient so I went there and picked one up.
x-shot  zuru  turbo  advance  upgrade  internal  internals  spring  guide  mods  modification  nerf  blaster 
june 2018 by 44sunsets
How's it Work? | SceneSquid
Event marketing just got way simpler. SceneSquid fills out forms on event websites. We save you time and send you proof that we actually filled out all those tedious forms.
event  promotion  san  francsico  calendar  blaster 
may 2018 by starpause
Dead Space - Modifications - NerfHaven
To reiterate what others said more explicitly, a large amount of dead space reduces the peak pressure acting on the dart, which can reduce performance.

With that being said, "dead space" isn't necessarily bad. In fact, I noticed as I wrote a simulation of a pneumatic gun that a certain amount of dead space is beneficial. Having a little cushion of air acts like a miniature air reservoir in the barrel (the valve separates the barrel and the gas chamber). The peak pressure matters less because the pressure drops in the barrel less slowly so an elevated pressure acts on the dart for a longer portion of the barrel, increasing the total energy transfered to the dart. Sorry if that explanation is inadequate--it's not the easiest thing to explain in simple terms.

There are no significant flow restrictions that cause a separation of pressures in spring guns so as little dead space as possible without affecting flow is ideal.

Taking what I said about pneumatics into account too, note that the difference between no dead space and optimal dead space often is negligible. Have as little dead space as possible without affecting flow unless you want slightly more optimal performance and are willing to do testing and simulation.
Edited by Doom, 17 March 2009 - 10:55 PM.
deadspace  dead  space  removal  minimise  remove  nerf  blaster  springer  air  pressure  dart  performance  fps  plunger  barrel 
may 2018 by 44sunsets
» boltsniper’s optimal barrel length formula btrettel's Nerf blog
Whenever there is a thread about one of the holy grails of Nerf ballistics, an equation for the barrel length that maximizes performance, someone is bound to mention the results of some tests boltsniper did in 2005 when he was designing the FAR. boltsniper, for the uninitiated, is one of the few engineers in the Nerf hobby, so his words have some authority behind them. People generally misrepresent what he said and overstate this formula’s abilities. What boltsniper actually said is written below. The emphasis is mine.
nerf  plunger  optimum  barrel  length  formula  radius  friction  homemade  blaster  springer  boltsniper 
april 2018 by 44sunsets
Worker PROPHECY-R Blaster Package (High Power MCX)
Complete Prophecy R shipped to Sydney = USD $200.72 (including $34 shipping) = AUD $252
worker  prophecy  prophecyr  blaster  package  complete  stefan  set  mcx  monkee  monkeemods 
january 2018 by 44sunsets
Where can I buy a retaliator pump grip that fits on top of primer : Nerf
Basically without needing to open the blaster. Similar to what is seen in this video.
The Zedtown event doesn't allow pump grips that require opening the blaster but says they allow pump grips otherwise.
retaliator  nerf  zedtown  pump  grip  kit  without  opening  blaster  disassembly  disassembling  retalicon  recon  mkii  reconmkii 
december 2017 by 44sunsets
Curious. Are Retalicons allowed in Zedtown games, provided they perform stock like everything else? : Nerf
Went to zedtown this weekend. Pump action kits were let in, so long as the blaster internal's were standard. The organisers wanted to keep testing as painless as possible, due to the number of people attending the event. The other reason is safety/insurance coverage. It all comes down to convenience and legal reasons.
zedtown  blaster  rules  retaliator  reconmkii  recon  mkii  pump  grips  grip  mods  action 
november 2017 by 44sunsets
Welcome to BlasterTECH. BlasterTECH is based in Brisbane Australia and is the No.1 place for modifying and customising your Foam Flinging Blaster. We provide quality performance parts for your Blaster as well as in house advice to meet all your Blaster performance needs.
blaster  tech  blastertech  queensland  brisbane  australia  online  store  mtb  gear  wiring  kits  flywheels  3d  parts  hammershot  battle  belt  worker  magazines  motors  switches 
november 2017 by 44sunsets
Better Nerf By Science: FB1: How to select an electrical power system: motor and battery
All current (mid 2013) Nerf flywheel blasters use 130-sized motors with a 25 mm length (there are 130-sized motors that are longer). A popular replacement for these stock motors is the Solarbotics RM2 motors. Additional alternatives include all of the Tamiya Mini series motors. Although the Tamiyas run at considerably lower voltage (3V) comparing to the RM2s, their ultra high Kv more than makes up for it. Tamiyas are to a Ferrari as the RM2s are to a Lamborghini. One is finely engineered while the other is purely brutal. At this point, choosing between the two types is mostly based on preference. In terms of the performance, a range test was conducted between the two motors and the results are inconclusive. Once the chronometer is built (currently under construction), a comparison will be made again and the results will be posted. The Tamiyas might be a bit more expensive, but there are also built with higher quality, making them more reliable and consistent. Battery availability should also be considered when choosing between the motors.
Although the motors can be chosen indifferently, the batteries cannot. The motor and battery combination must be carefully matched to optimize the system. Since there are various types and vast numbers of different batteries out there, but only a few choices of motors, it is easier to first select the motor as the limiting factor, and then match the battery to the selected motor. For the most part, there are only two key specifications of a battery that needs to be considered: output voltage and maximum burst current. In terms of the output voltage, simply match it to, or slightly higher above (over-volting), the specified maximum operating voltage of the motor. There is a small tricky part to this step. The advertised voltage of a battery is usually not the voltage it outputs at full charge. For example, the advertised voltage of a rechargeable NiMH AA battery may be 1.2 V, but it can output as high as 1.46 V when charged. Similarly, the advertised voltage for a LiPo cell is 3.7 V, but it outputs 4.2 V when charged. The reason for this is because the advertised voltage is usually the nominal, storage and/or some other defined voltage parameter of the battery. However, this does not mean that it is their highest capable output voltage. Another important parameter to consider is the output voltage of the battery as a function of time during use. Normal Alkaline batteries' voltage decreases linearly with time. NiMH rechargeable batteries' voltage decreases in an inverse exponential form, allowing them to maintain their maximum output voltage for longer.
nerf  blaster  mod  modding  power  motor  battery  selection  electrical  system  choose  voltage 
october 2017 by 44sunsets
RECOIL: FPS Brought to Life | Available Now
Interesting, an different take on updating classic lasertag. Appears to use a special wifi router along with game specific IR blaster weapons and damage sensors (links to the phone via bluetooth?). Somewhat similar to Father.IO but with full handheld weapons and using normal if location specific wifi (rather than Father.IO's direct 900MHz ISM links with bluetooth to the phone)
lasertag  AR  game  IR  blaster  android  iphone  app  software  hardware  electronics  devices  wifi  router 
september 2017 by asteroza

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