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Climate Change: The Next Generation: Fossil Fuel Influence Surrounds Senators as Ex-Staffers Turn Lobbyists
Climate Change: The Next Generation has a repost of a blog post on ex-hill staffers turned lobbyists, including former staffers of Senator Blanche Lincoln.

"The Sunlight Foundation took a look at lobbyists with personal ties to the congresswoman and found that at least six of Lincoln’s former staff members now lobby for interest groups with a stake in climate regulations, including oil and gas trade groups."
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september 2010 by sunlightfoundation
Mother Jones: Blanche Lincoln's Revolving Door
A blog post on Mother Jones about Blanche Lincoln's former staffers and their careers in lobbying that mentions reporting from Paul Blumenthal, senior writer at the Sunlight Foundation.
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july 2010 by sunlightfoundation

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