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Building Cyberresilience in the Electricity Ecosystem
A large-scale cyberattack on the power grid could inflict major economic damage. Utility boards must act now to address the looming cyberrisks.
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6 days ago by zesteur
Driving Video Games GIF by Call of Duty - Find & Share on GIPHY
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29 days ago by architektura
How to get online if the internet or social media is blocked
For Quartz, Abdi Latif Dahir runs through some tips and tools that can help people stay online in the event that the internet is shut down in whole or in part - something that is happening with increasing frequency worldwide. From Zimbabwe to India and Venezuela to Cameroon, governments are increasingly relying on internet shutdowns as a way to suppress free speech and inhibit the free flow of information during politically contentious times, such as elections or during protests.

Abdi makes three general recommendations: 1. Keeping up on your 'digital hygiene' - "whether a blackout is imminent or not; 2. choosing effective, reliable circumvention tools - including some that have been supported by OTF, such as Tor, Tails, Lantern, and Briar; and 3. following the advice of experts in order to know what's happening during a shutdown event, and what can be done to mitigate its effects.
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4 weeks ago by dmcdev
How Memes and a Transfer App May Have Helped Popularize VPN Use in Zimbabwe
Following a recent internet shutdown in Zimbabwe, Localization Lab (an OTF-supported project) worked with their partners inside the country to learn more about how Zimbabweans dealt with the disruptions to internet service, including through use of VPNs to circumvent blocks. This was not the first time the internet has been intentionally hampered with in Zimbabwe, though the totality of the latest shutdown represented a new development. VPNs became so popular and were discussed so much on social media when it was accessible that they became a common element in memes shared online, helping raise awareness about their utility to regular internet users. In addition, searches for "VPN" went up by 1,500%, according to the UK-based service
localization  localizationlab  vpn  zimbabwe  africa  blackout  shutdown  access 
5 weeks ago by dmcdev
Nigerian chief justice suspension sparks internet shutdown fears
"You can tell fears of an internet shutdown are running high in a country when citizens are looking into methods of staying online in case of a blockage. This past weekend, Quartz Africa‘s guide to staying online during internet or social media blockages was our most read story, driven entirely by traffic from Nigeria. Scores of people shared concerns on social media at the possibility Nigeria might follow other African countries that have taken to blocking social media or shut down the internet altogether under the guise of security concerns. While there is little evidence authorities are planning a shutdown, fears have been triggered by the potential of a constitutional crisis after Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari suddenly suspended the country’s chief justice over corruption allegations last Friday. The move, which has been variously described as unconstitutional and political, comes with Nigeria’s elections due in just under three weeks. The newly appointed acting chief justice Tanko Mohammed, will now likely have the final say if there are court challenges on the election result outcome next month." - Yomi Kazeem, Quartz
otf  nigeria  africa  shutdown  access  blackout 
6 weeks ago by dmcdev
Zimbabwe court says internet shutdown illegal as more civilians detained
"Zimbabwe’s government exceeded its mandate in ordering an internet blackout during civilian protests last week, a court ruled on Monday, as authorities pressed on with rounding up opposition figures blamed for the unrest. In his interim ruling, High Court Judge Owen Tagu told mobile operators to immediately and unconditionally resume full services. The biggest, Econet Wireless, compiled with the order late on Monday, it said in a message to subscribers." - MacDonald Dzirutwe, Reuters

+ OTF-supported OONI released a report today detailing how the internet shutdown in Zimbabwe played out from a technical perspective, showing how social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube were blocked. OONI's findings are corroborated (and included in their report) by data from Internet Outage and Detection Analysis (IODA) - also an OTF-supported project.
otf  zimbabwe  africa  shutdown  access  blackout 
8 weeks ago by dmcdev
Here come the internet blackouts • New America
Justin Sherman:
<p>[The blackout method which sees] states deliberately severing internet connections within their country has an important history. In 2004, the Maldivian government caused an internet blackout when citizens protested the president; Nepal similarly caused a blackout shortly thereafter. In 2007, the Burmese government apparently damaged an underwater internet cable in order to “staunch the flow of pictures and messages from protesters reaching the outside world.” In 2011, Egypt cut most internet and cell services within its borders as the government attempted to quell protests against then-President Hosni Mubarak; Libya then did the same after its own unrest. In 2014, Syria had a major internet outage amid its civil war. In 2018, Mauritania was taken entirely offline for two days when undersea submarine internet cables were cut, around the same time as the Sierra Leone government may have imposed an internet blackout in the same region.

When we think about terms like “cyberspace” and “internet,” it can be tempting to associate them with vague notions of a digital world we can’t touch. And while this is perhaps useful in some contexts, this line of thinking forgets the very real wires, servers, and other hardware that form the architecture of the internet. If these physical elements cease to function, from a cut wire to a storm-damaged server farm, the internet, too, is affected. More than that, if a single entity controls—or can at least access—that hardware for a region or even an entire country, government-caused internet blackouts are a tempting method of censorship and social control.

Which is to say: As countries around the world tighten control of the internet within their borders, we can expect to see some governments with relatively centralized internets—particularly authoritarians or those with authoritarian leanings—literally disconnect their domestic internet networks from the rest of the globe during domestic unrest or other incidents.

As for the second method, we can expect a rise in DDoS attacks against internet infrastructure as millions of wildly insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices—from smart thermostats to water-pressure sensors—are linked online.</p>
internet  blackout 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Internet shutdowns aren't just Africa's problem. They're happening worldwide - @jgriffiths
Zimbabwe's recent internet shutdown is not an isolated incident, but represents a "worrying trend," writes James Griffiths for CNN:

"Less than three weeks into 2019, five countries have experienced partial or full internet shutdowns: Sudan, Bangladesh, the DRC, Gabon and Zimbabwe. There were more than 185 around the world last year -- up from 108 the year before, according to Access Now...Like many internet censorship tactics, shutdowns were popularized in China. The tactic has particularly spread to Beijing's allies, many of whom have benefited from Chinese training and technology in building up internal internet controls.
Asia and Africa are the worst affected regions, with India -- where internet censorship is on the rise despite the government's much vaunted pro-tech policies -- holding the dubious crown of ordering the most shutdowns in both 2017 and 2018, according to Access Now data. However the problem is increasingly a global one, with multiple shutdowns also recorded in Europe, South America and Africa in the last three years."
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8 weeks ago by dmcdev
Blackout solo win 8 kill montage. I freaking love this game.
blackops4  blackout  from twitter
december 2018 by lewk
A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel
Tom Philips A Humument combines the techniques of blackout poetry and drawing/painting to create a new work from the 1892 novel A Human Document.
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december 2018 by katexic

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