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Apple worked with Blackmagic on a new external GPU - The Verge
Okay yes, this is good. But it still *feels* like Apple is prioritizing "quiet and small" even when it doesn't have to - Apple *could* offer an external GPU solution that on the high end, but this still isn't that. I don't see how splitting the difference and having an Radeon Pro 580 *and* a RX Vega 64 would've been worse. It still feels like Apple doesn't get it.
apple  egpu  blackmagic  radeonpro580 
july 2018 by danhon
Blackmagic Forum • View topic - R3D FullRes Premium decode broken after Resolve Studio 14.01
On 3 machines (a 2x6c a 2x12c and the 2x14c) we are seeing performance cripled by anything later than 14.01...

like for like Resolve used to be fast now it is not!...

I am not a super expert in all apects of Resolve but I have being using it for a long time for 2 very particular tasks. This is R3d Decoding for editorial and finishing
davinci  blackmagic 
june 2018 by foliovision
Blackmagic Forum • View topic - GPU Memory, OPENCL/CUDA in Resolve 1x
By completely rewriting the graphics processing exclusively for high end GPUs in v14, BlackMagic took a step back in their quest to open up their platform for editing enthusiasts and luring Premiere and FCP users. Version 14 is back to being 100% targeted at color grading professionals. It cannot do simple UHD editing without a super high end video card.
davinci  blackmagic 
may 2018 by foliovision

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