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RT : . is also telling on itself by presenting as the ideological “Other side” to white nationalis…
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8 days ago by KateSherrill
. is also telling on itself by presenting as the ideological “Other side” to white nationalis…
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9 days ago by lurrel
protesters crash wedding of officer involved in fatal shooting of
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12 days ago by kitoconnell
An Artist Honors Tamir Rice, One Orange Object at a Time - The New York Times
“What does it mean if you move beyond good intentions?” he asked. “It means that we’re talking then about advocacy, about accountability.”
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20 days ago by jomc
‘Intoxicating freedom, gripping fear’: Mumia Abu-Jamal on life as a Black Panther | US news | The Guardian
He went on: “I am reminded of [Frantz] Fanon’s adage: ‘Every generation must, out of relative obscurity, find its destiny, and fulfill it or betray it.’ I think both [the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement] have done so, if only in their own ways.”
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20 days ago by beep

Punch Nazis.
Open Borders.
All Cops Are Bastards.
Capitalism is trash.
I piss on your "white heri…
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20 days ago by kitoconnell
Memphis cops circulated a presentation framing activists as violent, nationally coordinated, + in…
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23 days ago by rileybearlk
Mass Appeal: A Look at the Cross-Cultural Impact of On-Screen Diversity
Beyond viewership, the cross-cultural appreciation of diverse cast members and content can be seen in the affinity of their fan bases. Nielsen’s N-Score solution assesses celebrities’ awareness, likeability and influence, which translates into what “fans” watch. Looking at the N-Score data on the fans of several of the leads from these programs, we see the broad appeal of multicultural talent across audiences by gender, age and ethnicity.
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4 weeks ago by JohnDrake
is 5 years old. Come celebrate our network.
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5 weeks ago by nelag
Millions of people feel that every day. That is why they are chanting .
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5 weeks ago by mikemccaffrey

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