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(3952) The American dream is turned into poverty. Documentary 2017 - YouTube
usa section 8 housing voucher scandals. white middle class trying to protect their turf, neighbourhood. block nearby developments (affordable n social housing). blocking mixed neighbourhoods. see also uk. and then there is also corruption.
USA  post-racial  America  American  Dream  segregation  public  housing  social  inequality  poverty  trap  Precariat  blacklivesmatter  suburban  urban  Development  discrimination  ethnic  cleansing  health 
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Eminem – The Storm (2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Verse) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
Some of the most brilliant freestyle I've ever read or seen. Unbelievable, really.
politics  music  race  BlackLivesMatter 
12 days ago by patrickrhone
How Russia recruited wannabe YouTube stars to convince Black Lives Matter activists to vote for Trump
Two purported Black Lives Matter supporters who endorsed President Donald Trump have been outed as propagandists employed by the Kremlin.

The Daily Beast reports that two wannabe social media stars, who go by the names of Williams and Kalvin Johnson, have recently seen their Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended because they were found to have been part of a Russian propaganda operation to boost support for Trump’s candidacy among black Americans.

In their videos, the two men regularly attack former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as an “old racist b*tch,” while praising Trump for being a pragmatic businessman who couldn’t have succeeded if he’d actually been a racist.
Russia  BlackLivesMatter  DonaldTrump  Facebook  db  Propaganda  Election 
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Vice President Mike Pence leaves NFL game after anthem protests
Vice President Mike Pence has left the 49ers-Colts game after about a dozen San Francisco players took a knee. The former Indiana gover...
sports  donald-trump  blacklivesmatter 
15 days ago by sfriedenberg
Cam Newton's sexism controversy is the perfect parable for our time | Sport | The Guardian
How is this story – a workplace matter that really should’ve been resolved privately – even a thing, you ask? Because conflict, in black and white, still makes the most compelling spectacle. Sports have promoted them so well over the years that, well, it was just a matter of time before the less entertaining areas of life got in the game. And so people like CNBC’s Jim Cramer further divided stocks and bonds into winners and losers. Politics are less about issues than optics, as much for the newsmakers as the networks vying to see how many pundits they can cram onto their pre- and post-game show desks. Outrage culture is all the rage, and so the news never rests. No story, however false the premise or equivalency, is too small. This story, suddenly the week’s biggest NFL headline, is proof.
outrage  shitstorm  Post-racial  America  blacklivesmatter  Feminism  feminist  sexual  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  gender  paygap  pay  gap  sexism  Sexismus  bro  Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Liberal  NFL  24/7  LGBT  PC  political  correctness  culture  war  Brexit  AfD  Conservative 
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RT : As a alumni, I am outraged by this fascist policy. Students have 1st amendment rights.
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Saying is considered extremism because America is a white supremacist nation.
BlackLivesMatter  from twitter
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