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Pinterest blocks vaccine-related searches in bid to fight anti-vaxx propaganda | Technology | The Guardian
The phenomenon on display in the Facebook search result screenshots is known in technology circles as a “data void”, after a paper by the Data & Society founder and researcher danah boyd. For certain search terms, boyd explains, “the available relevant data is limited, non-existent, or deeply problematic”.

In the case of vaccines, the fact that scientists and doctors are not producing a steady stream of new digital content about settled science has left a void for conspiracy theorists and fraudsters to fill with fear-mongering propaganda and misinformation. [...]

Pinterest has responded by building a “blacklist” of “polluted” search terms.

“We are doing our best to remove bad content, but we know that there is bad content that we haven’t gotten to yet,” explained Ifeoma Ozoma, a public policy and social impact manager at Pinterest. “We don’t want to surface that with search terms like ‘cancer cure’ or ‘suicide’. We’re hoping that we can move from breaking the site to surfacing only good content. Until then, this is preferable.”
data-voids  danah-boyd  pinterest  antivax  vaccination  misinformation  disinfo  vaccines  truth  blacklisting 
february 2019 by jm
RT : Those pesky kids at Art Against have been on the buses & the tube again
Blacklisting  spycops  from twitter
july 2018 by kabads
Ink It Onto Your Knuckles – Carillion Is How Neoliberalism Lives and Breathes | Novara Media
In the 19th century, the state stood back to let market forces rip and allow businesses to stand or fall. Under neoliberalism, the role of the state is to continuously create opportunities for profit in the private sector by extending market forces into areas where they did not previously exist. In this sense, Carillion was not the product of entrepreneurship but of government policy.
Carillion  construction  infrastructure  privatisation  PFI  neoliberalism  blacklisting  tradeUnions  business  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul 
january 2018 by petej
FML, I Got Blacklisted. Here's What to Do:
Getting blacklisted happens to a fair number of email marketers, and it sucks. Here's what to do if you find yourself on a blacklist and how to prevent it from happening again.
november 2017 by kger
RT : Construction victory sees £10 million pay-out to 256 workers
blacklisting  from twitter
may 2016 by javierruiz
Blacklist Basics
The Top Email Blacklists You Need to Know
email  blacklisting  esp  emarketing 
april 2016 by jherndon
Blacklisting JSON Web Token API Keys
Learn how to blacklist a JWT API key so it is no longer valid.
json  security  blacklisting  JWT  Lernherausforderung  web_token 
november 2015 by tranqy
A price of games journalism | Kotaku
kotaku Bethesda Softworks Zenimax Media ubisoft Elder Scrolls (series) fallout series Assassin's Creed (series) Blacklisting Whitelisting Favouritism stephen totilo Kotaku UK comment editorial Op-ed (editorial) marketing vloggers PR (Public relations) bad publicity
kotaku  Bethesda  Softworks  Zenimax  Media  ubisoft  Elder  Scrolls  (series)  fallout  series  Assassin's  Creed  (series)  Blacklisting  Whitelisting  Favouritism  stephen  totilo  UK  comment  editorial  Op-ed  (editorial)  marketing  vloggers  PR  (Public  relations)  bad  publicity 
november 2015 by dk33per

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