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Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide
As alternatives to “whitelist” and “blacklist,” the Cybersecurity Style Guide (@E_Briannica’s thing) recommends “safelist” and “blocklist.”

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9 days ago by handcoding
[no title]
This list summarizes the top 20 attacking class C (/24) subnets
# over the last three days. The number of 'attacks' indicates the
# number of targets reporting scans from this subnet.
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4 weeks ago by noahsussman
AWS Developer Forums: Configurable Reverse DNS Records for Elastic IPs
Because many allegedly third party email blacklists are basically a shakedown...
AWS  EC2  TrendMicro  DUL  MAPS  SMTP  email  blacklist  exception  rDNS  reverse  DNS  elastic  IP  registration  antispam 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
ryanries/PassFiltEx: First commit
password filter for AD to add additional password restrictions on things like a custom password blacklist
windows  AD  active  directory  custom  bad  password  filter  blacklist  sysadmin  security  tips  tricks 
june 2018 by asteroza

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