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Examining the Role of Use of Force Policies in Ending Police Violence by Samuel Sinyangwe :: SSRN
We consulted legal experts, academics, and activists to identify a range of policies designed to impose common sense restrictions on how and when police use force against civilians. Then we reviewed the use of force guidelines of the nation’s largest police departments to determine where these policies were currently in place and whether they were associated with fewer police-involved killings. We found all of the policies to predict lower rates of police-involved killings, with substantially fewer police-involved killings among departments that have more of these policies in place. These results suggest specific changes to police department use of force policies can significantly reduce police violence in America.

-- the author seems to be a well known activist.

good to see activists taking efforts to do original research. I am not sure if this report has been reviewed by relevant subject matter experts.
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february 2019 by rvenkat
Calls to #AbolishICE are counterproductive unless they are also a call to #AbolishPolice - The Black Youth Project
A world existed before this criminal justice system was ever conceived of; a world without it is equally conceivable.
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july 2018 by jpowerj
How Conservatives Use Made-Up And/Or Misleading Nonsense To Justify Police Killings – Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
Okay: A cop is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a black man is to be killed by a cop. But wait, what are the ratios for white men? Well, let’s use Mac Donald’s sources and her calculations and find out.
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june 2018 by perich
We need to talk about the boys -
MAY 5, 2018 | The Globe and Mail | MARGARET WENTE.

It’s girls who get all the attention these days. But it’s the boys we should be worried about. Boys lag girls in school at every level. They drop out, get in trouble with the law, and become disconnected from the mainstream – sometimes for good.

Jamil Jivani was heading there himself. He grew up in Brampton, Ont....At age 16, he couldn’t read – or didn’t care enough to. He was convinced the system was rigged against him. His role models were gansta rappers. Police officers gave him a hard time. His dad wasn’t in the picture.....Mr. Jivani is now 30. He is a law professor, a graduate of Yale, and an activist for disadvantaged communities. His personal story is the powerful thread running through his new book, Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity......He aims to change the conversation from “either/or” to “and also.” “If you’re trying to change the conditions young men grow up in,” he says, “you need to talk about both law enforcement and families.”

He gets pushback saying things like that. “People are used to hearing a certain kind of narrative – the world is unfair, racist, biased, and the primary concern we should have is that these are systems that oppress us – systemic racism, sexism, and so on. It’s amazing how much this passes as a truth.”

Mr. Jivani believes that we can’t address the crisis of young men without talking about families and culture. For boys, fathers are their first line of defence. Without fathers, they may have no positive role models for how to be a man.

“A lot of people in the black community want to talk about fatherlessness,” he says. But we seldom hear from them. The voices you hear are all from one side, and the media seldom seek out any other perspectives.

People censor themselves too. “..... Black Lives Matter makes things worse. “It’s a style of activism that tries to define people – to tell them this is what you’re supposed to think and do because of your identity.” ....“BLM’s approach to activism focuses on having an enemy that must be defeated,” he writes. “It is accusatory at its core.”
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may 2018 by jerryking
To this Black Lives Matter co-founder, activism begins in the kitchen - The Washington Post
'When Garza is cooking, she has an “open-door policy.” Friends and colleagues whom she loves and trusts are welcome to come and share their ideas and hopes for the movement. But they’ll have to do so in her kitchen, while she tends to a pot of beans or makes her grandmother’s smothered pork chops. “There is something about being nourished that I think must change your biochemistry in a kind of way,” she says. “If I need to have a hard conversation with someone, I’d way rather do it over food.”'
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april 2018 by pagecarr

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