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What’s happening with me • Medium
Biz Stone:
<p>I worked at Twitter for about six years. In that time, the service grew from zero people to hundreds of millions of people. Jack was the original CEO and when he returned I was very happy.

There’s something about the personality of a company that comes from the folks who start it. There’s a special feeling they bring with them. Jack coming back was a big step forward. And now, it’s my turn—I’m returning to full time work at Twitter starting in a couple of weeks! How this came about is kind of a crazy story but, it’s happening.</p>

I've now lost count of how many times Stone has been in and out of Twitter. It's a sort of Groundhog Day. I forget - does Jack Dorsey leave next and then Ev Williams comes back?
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may 2017 by charlesarthur
The Complexity of Simple — The Biz Stone Collection — Medium
Biz Stone talks about his approach to delivering simple products. He uses the well worn anecdote of paving the sidewalks last.
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february 2016 by fraser
Biz Stone’s new app Jelly uses photos to answer questions — Tech News and Analysis
Jelly is a new way to search with pictures and people from your social networks. It’s also people helping each other—something that’s both meaningful and fun.”
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january 2014 by ElizabethSosnow
Inside the Twitterverse
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone once said, "Twitter is not a triumph of tech; it's a triumph of humanity."
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july 2013 by bgrasberger
Biz Stone: How I Faked My Way Into Google | Wired Magazine |
My RSS reader is set to 255 characters. Maybe 255 is a new blog standard? … Seems limiting but if people are going to read many blogs a day on iPods and cell phones, maybe it’s a good standard …
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may 2013 by silvertje
The Pool Room - We Work and Like It (via bizstone). See Jack...
Jack printed this out and gave it to Eric, I think, back when Stamen worked with Twitter.
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october 2012 by TomC

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