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Undone Chapter I, a bitten fanfic | FanFiction
107,000. Jeremy Danvers preferred his life as it was: private, controlled and disciplined. What he wasn't expecting was the way in which Bear Valley's new doctor, Kate Shaw, would affect his life and his emotions.
ocfic  Unread  <200000  bitten  jeremy/ofc 
december 2017 by kalika89
GTP tab by artist Ian Hunter - Once bitten twice shy
fancy guitar tab play thingy - once bitten twice shy ian hunter
tab  ian  hunter  once  bitten  twice  shy  fancy  solo 
may 2016 by fang
Runnin' by Spikedluv
This is a loose re-write of Season One with Stiles as a werewolf. My original plan was to have the Alpha turn Stiles that night instead of Scott, but I ended up going another route. This story will not be a direct retelling as some things have changed based on the fact that Stiles has been turned, but I will eventually be touching on all (or most of) the major points from the first season. Also, some events take place out of order.
Teen  Wolf  (TV)  Derek  Hale/Stiles  Stilinski  WIP  100K+  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  Stiles  Was  Bitten  AU  Werewolf  Stiles  Human  Scott 
march 2015 by danceofflame
cast our fevers in stone by nagia
What if fate twisted the other way? OR: Stiles's life has just become an object lesson in "why we do not go out in the woods looking for dead bodies." OR: Lycanthropy and ADHD are going to be the suckiest mix.
Teen  Wolf  (TV)  Derek  Hale/Stiles  Stilinski  WIP  50K-59K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  Stiles  Was  Bitten  AU  Werewolf  Stiles  Human  Scott  BAMF  Sheriff  Stilinski 
march 2015 by danceofflame
Going Under
Edward leaves Bella with good intentions, but it wrecks Bella. She pushes through her grief, joins a new coven, and experiences life with an emptiness inside of her. When Edward comes back, will she let him in?
series:twilight  au:edward  does  not  come  back  au:bella  is  bitten  au:bella  has  a  new  family  wordcount:25k-50k  TO.READ  ff-favs 
january 2015 by frannie_pants
Lustra Verse
Three linked stories from childhood through to season 9. A MUST READ WHETHER YOU'RE A SAM OR A DEAN FAN. It has plenty of angst, hurt, sorrow and love for both. Exceptional story! Canon events but also canon divergent taking it AU.
1. When Sam was 9, something stalked him nightly from the closet. His father put a gun into his hand and told him to face his fears and take action. Will Dean be able to save his little brother from the ghost of that first traumatic mission 14 years later? (childhood through to end S2) This is a coming of age story about a time that changed both brothers, and tackles unresolved issues both have with the father who drew them down this path. 2. (S9) Sam ignores Dean's pleas in that waterside church. A story of brothers learning to lean on each other again, to forgive, to regain ground and trust. 3.Sometimes the boys text each other, sometimes they call. Sometimes, Dean comes to visit. Sometimes, it goes wrong. (Stanford era). READ IT!!!!
hurt:  choking  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  broken  bones  creature:  ghost  attribute:  protective!sam  hurt:  terror  hurt:  bitten  hurt:  abducted  creature:  vengeful  spirit  creature:  vampire  attribute:  BAMF!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  genre:  horror  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  creature:  boogeyman  genre:  canon  divergence  character:  missouri  mosely  character:  bobby  singer  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  case!fic  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
august 2014 by reggie11
The Old Man of Peru
Sam gets bitten by a bat. He probably doesn't get rabies. He probably isn't a werebat, either.
Dean at his overprotective best.
(Does have a tiny mention of past sam/dean but it's barely noticeable. I'd class this as a gen fic)
rating:  PG13  warning:  spoilers  season  9  wc:  2000-5000  author:  de_nugis  attribute:  protective!dean  hurt:  insomnia  hurt:  bitten  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  angst  genre:  humor  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
february 2014 by reggie11
Just a Taste
Takes place after the season seven finale. The Alpha Vamp was interested in using soulless Sam and even more so once he saw how Sam dispatched Edgar so easily. Now that Sam is alone, the Alpha has approached him with a deal--work with the Alpha to save some vamps and the Alpha will help Sam get Dean out of Purgatory. Sam makes a deal with his former foe to find his brother.
rating:  M  wc:  20000-30000  author:  gidgetgal9  season  7  genre:  canon  divergence  theme:  curse/spell  creature:  vampire  theme:  field  surgery  hurt:  drugged  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  genre:  blackmail  hurt:  life  threatening  injury  hurt:  confined  theme:  purgatory  genre:  angst  theme:  demon  deal  hurt:  bitten  hurt:  blood  loss  affliction:  hurt!sam  character:  OCs  character:  dean  winchester  wc:  15000-20000  character:  alpha!vamp  character:  sam  winchester  fandom:  SPN 
january 2014 by reggie11
It's Better When I Bleed For You
When Laurent and Bella cross paths in the meadow, Alice sees that Bella doesn't manage to escape before Laurent attacks her and all goes black. But what Alice can't see is the arrival of the pack, interupting Laurent's meal. 80 years later in Chicago...
au:the  wolves  are  too  late  series:twilight  au:bella  is  bitten  TO.READ  wordcount:50k-75k 
september 2013 by frannie_pants

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