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A cross-language perspective on speech information rate
Figure 2.

English (IREN = 1.08) shows a higher Information Rate than Vietnamese (IRVI = 1). On the contrary, Japanese exhibits the lowest IRL value of the sample. Moreover, one can observe that several languages may reach very close IRL with different encoding strategies: Spanish is characterized by a fast rate of low-density syllables while Mandarin exhibits a 34% slower syllabic rate with syllables ‘denser’ by a factor of 49%. Finally, their Information Rates differ only by 4%.
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Remove Background from Image –
background removal - will probably help with RPG photomanip
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Woo hoo! Finished the 2nd course, "The and of Computer ," in the " Support Profe…
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Foam Cutting CNC Router Bits
Foam Cutting CNC Router Bits
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