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Solved: What is bitbucket RSA key fingerprint?
Q: Where can I check the current Bitbucket RSA key fingerprint?

I'm getting these when connecting, but I don't want to 'trust on first connect' without confirmation from other source. [...]
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5 days ago by ezequiel
mprasil/dokuwiki - Docker Hub
Container running DokuWiki with nice URLs and xsendfile enabled, also includes LDAP support.
(me: 'docker build' successfully builds a raspbian container)
docker  docker.container  wikiengine  container  linux  x86  amd64  source  bitbucket  raspberrypi  raspbian  arm  links  dokuwiki 
21 days ago by ezequiel
Bitbucket Data Center on AWS - Quick Start
Learn about the Quick Start architecture and details for deploying Bitbucket Data Center on the AWS Cloud.
amazon  atlassian  aws  bitbucket  git  aws.quickstart 
5 weeks ago by po
How to migrate from Bitbucket to GitHub – Robert Chanphakeo – Medium
We have been happily using Bitbucket over the last years. But as more and more tools offer better out-of-the-box integration with Gitub, we increasingly move our repositories over to Github.

Here are the steps to move a Git repository:

Step 1: Create Github repository
First, create a new private repository on It’s important to keep the repository empty, e.g. don’t check option Initialize this repository with a README when creating the repository.

Step 2: Move existing content
Next, we need to fill the Github repository with the content from our Bitbucket repository:

Check out the existing repository from Bitbucket
$ git clone
2. Add the new Github repository as upstream remote of the repository checked out from Bitbucket

$ git remote add upstream
3. Push all branches

$ git push upstream master
$ git push --tags upstream
Step 3: Clean up old repository
Delete the bitbucket repository.
migrate  bitbucket  github  repo  git  repository  upstream 
7 weeks ago by 44sunsets
Repository Access Denied. But I'm the owner of the...
So before this happens my ssh keys has been acting up recently. From the past two days after creating the repo I will need to sometimes change/add
ssh  bitbucket  repos 
7 weeks ago by hmhxxx

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