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High-level summary of Basel III reforms
as the name indicates (this is BIS publication) very synthetic and quite useful to understand the current implementation plan.
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25 days ago by paunit
BIS 20190225 - Minimum capital requirements for market risk
The document sets outs the amended minimum capital requirements for market risk that will serve as the Pillar 1 minimum capital requirement as of 1 January 2022, replacing the current minimum capital requirements for market risk as set out in Basel II1 and its subsequent amendments.

non-technical description of the overall market risk framework:
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9 weeks ago by mjaniec
a. Annual Self-Classification
Self classification report for app store submission of app using encryption in some way (HTTPS, encryption of date, etc).
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february 2019 by tulbox
Gérance d’appartement
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june 2018 by jasonfist

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