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RT : The sound of our state bird - the California Quail. A common and fun find. Jim Morris vide…
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11 weeks ago by jcoffey42
Why Does This Feel So Bad?
"It’s pretty intuitive that truly understanding something requires attention to its context. The way this process happened for me with birds was spatial and temporal; the relationships and processes I observed were things adjacent in space and time. Things like habitat and season helped me make sense of the species I saw, why I was seeing them, what they were doing and why. Surprisingly, it was this experience, and not a study on how Facebook makes us depressed, that helped me put my finger on what bothers me so much about social media. The information I encounter there lacks context, both spatially and temporally."
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april 2019 by briansholis
Tyler Cipriani :: Bald Eagle Raptor Tour
A frumpy looking bald eagle I saw on my self-guided raptor tour of Boulder County 2019-02-18 (president's day).
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february 2019 by thcipriani
Boulder County Self-Guided Raptor Tour
Driving tour I took of Boulder County birds of prey. It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of hawks :)
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february 2019 by thcipriani
Probably the least exciting species of Svalbard, yet beautiful:

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september 2018 by hwileniu

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