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The biomass distribution on Earth
A census of the biomass on Earth is key for understanding the
structure and dynamics of the biosphere. However, a global,
quantitative view of how the biomass of different taxa compare
with one another is still lacking. Here, we assemble the overall
biomass composition of the biosphere, establishing a census of the
≈550 gigatons of carbon (Gt C) of biomass distributed among all of
the kingdoms of life. We find that the kingdoms of life concentrate
at different locations on the planet; plants (≈450 Gt C, the dominant
kingdom) are primarily terrestrial, whereas animals (≈2 Gt C)
are mainly marine, and bacteria (≈70 Gt C) and archaea (≈7 Gt C)
are predominantly located in deep subsurface environments. We
show that terrestrial biomass is about two orders of magnitude
higher than marine biomass and estimate a total of ≈6 Gt C of
marine biota, doubling the previous estimated quantity. Our analysis
reveals that the global marine biomass pyramid contains more
consumers than producers, thus increasing the scope of previous
observations on inverse food pyramids. Finally, we highlight that
the mass of humans is an order of magnitude higher than that of
all wild mammals combined and report the historical impact of
humanity on the global biomass of prominent taxa, including
mammals, fish, and plants.
ecology  biomass  biosphere  quantitative  biology 
june 2018 by piotch
80-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Watered This Sealed Bottle Garden Since 1972 And It’s Still Alive
"Almost 54 years ago, David Latimer had opened a bottle and had planted a seed that would soon amaze the entire world. Whereas the ecosystem was closed, it was functional. Yes. David Latimer has successfully and surprisingly grown a plant that was sealed inside a glass bottle.

According to sources, the plant was sown on a Sunday of the Easter in 1960. Inside a 10-gallon glass carboy, David added a small amount of compost and some water. In 1972, he opened the bottle again to add just a little amount of more water and then that was it. The glass bottle was destined to be sealed.

Where this might seem like an undoable and unachievable thing, it has been done and it has been achieved. A sustained ecosystem is now growing by the day in David Latimer’s sealed glass bottle and is an amazing version of our earth at a micro level."
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april 2018 by robertogreco
RT : Couple yourself back to the because it's fun.

"The real irony here is that most of this is totally inv…
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march 2018 by jmkorhonen
RT : W/ rate of pop growth & having surpased the annual replacement capacity must change to ave…
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october 2017 by freerange_inc
Steve Bannon and Biosphere 2
1995 video clip of an odd part of Bannon's career
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february 2017 by nelson

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