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Scientists have built a wearable robot to help runners
Like something out of Ironman, scientists have created a running robot suit you can wear! via Pocket
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26 days ago by hansdorsch
How can I remap keyboard keys? - Ask Ubuntu
re: Chromebook Yoga c630 w crouton and ubuntu running xenial or bionic. This forum question and answer has some advice on xev and xmodmap that actually seems to make sense. xev was kind of overwhelming in it's near constant volume of output. I've already had gotten my Home, End, and Del functionality back on my Lenovo c630 Yoga Chromebook -- which doesn't have physical keys for these ordinary functions -- by using earlier info I'd read on the xmodmap approach. I used xmodmap commands in my .bashrc file. I used a little program called (a python tkinter program) to find the numeric key values associated with pressing specific keys. I'll put them here just in case some similarly frustrated soul needs them. After reboot, the newly reassigned keys work as desired -- as Home, End, and Delete. For the record I remapped Home, End, and Del to the keys with symbols for Volume Up, Volume Dn, and Lock respectively.

# keyboard fixes
xmodmap -e "keycode 191 = Delete"
xmodmap -e "keycode 76 = End"
xmodmap -e "keycode 75 = Home"
# Note: Ctrl-End and Ctrl-Home work like they should.
# Delete repeats as it should on sustained keypress.

Note: Delete key did not repeat when held down in crouton ubuntu xenial, but it did in crouton ubuntu bionic, but bionic was harder to install. Had to install as cli-extra target first, then apt-get install xorg-all or something like that from inside the commandline version, then had to rerun crouton with target xfce4. A pain, but worth it.
xmodmap  xev  keypress  crouton  home  end  chromebook  del  keys  xenial  bionic 
5 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Special day: and I ran the - celebrating the power of technology. In fact, we are
bionic  bionic5k  from twitter_favs
april 2019 by chialynn
Apple's S$749 New 10.5-Inch 2019 iPad Air: A12 Bionic Chip, Larger Display
Ahead of its slated March 25 event, and as part of an online Apple Store update, Apple today announced long-anticipated updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini families. The iPad Air is considered by many to be the budget model in the company’s tablet lineup. In its latest iteration, the iPad Air retains a...

The post Apple’s S$749 New 10.5-Inch 2019 iPad Air: A12 Bionic Chip, Larger Display appeared first on .
Apple’s  S$749  New  10.5-Inch  2019  iPad  Air:  A12  Bionic  Chip  Larger  Display 
march 2019 by vrzone
What it’s like to pursue a dream for 30 years — and fail
For every successful, hot-selling invention, there are a million others that don’t make it. But what does ‘failure’ really mean?
bionic  boot  passion  failure  theft  draft  australia  technology  stem  stories  history  sf  hustle 
january 2019 by xer0x
How to set DNS nameservers in Ubuntu Server 18.04 - TechRepublic
With the latest iteration of Ubuntu comes much change. Jack Wallen shows you how DNS nameserver entries are now configured for networking interfaces in Ubuntu Server 18.04.
dns  ubuntu  linux  systemd  bionic 
january 2019 by bmdmc
How can I hibernate on Ubuntu 16.04? - Ask Ubuntu
Need "resume=/dev/..." that points to swap partition (even on 18.04)
Ubuntu  hibernate  xenial  bionic 
january 2019 by clepple
How to boot Ubuntu 18.04 into emergency and rescue mode -

This is the systemd target that can be associated to the old single user mode.

Unlike what happens with the, when this target is reached, the base system is pulled in: all filesystems are mounted and the most basic services are launched and made available to the user.

The procedure to boot the system into is the same we followed to make it boot into the emergency target.

The only thing that needs to be changed is the argument added to the kernel command line: instead of, we will use; again we can also use an alias for SysV compatibility, replacing the directive with just 1."
ubuntu  systemd  18.04  singleusermode  bionic 
november 2018 by anl
Bacterial Nanobionics via 3D Printing - Nano Letters (ACS Publications)
So 3D printing aligned cynobacteria with graphene boosts spare/extra photocurrent collection 8X. In this case they painted the setup onto a mushroom as a convenient scaffold/host.
biohybrid  bionic  cynobacteria  graphene  photocurrent  collection  power  generator  materials  science  biology  research  technology  nanotechnology  nanoribbon  extracellular  electron  transport  3D  printing  fabbing  symbiosis 
november 2018 by asteroza
Apple iPhone XS Review Addendum: Small Core and NN Performance
"Another big, mysterious aspect of the new A12 was the SoC's new neural engine, which Apple advertises as designed in-house.  As you may have noticed in the die shot, it’s a quite big silicon block, very much equaling the two big Vortex CPU cores in size."
apple  xs  a12  nn  bionic  anandtech 
october 2018 by danhon
Solved: Unifi controller on Ubuntu 18.04 - Ubiquiti Networks Community
Solved: I went ahead and pulled the trigger and updated my Ubuntu server to 18.04. Everything migrated okay except for the Unifi controller. I
unifi  controller  ubuntu  bionic  mongodb 
september 2018 by psm
happy weekend. i'm going with "six million dollar man" 🚀👨‍🚀🤖
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april 2018 by roens

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