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Bacterially Produced, Nacre‐Inspired Composite Materials - Spiesz - - Small - Wiley Online Library
Using bacteria to lay down synthetic nacre layers, in a bottom up manufacturing approach. Surprisingly stiff and bendable.
artificial  synthetic  nacre  calcium  carbonate  composite  biomimicry  biomanufacturing  bacteria  secretion  biology  materials  science  research  technology 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
Frontiers | Toward Growing Robots: A Historical Evolution from Cellular to Plant-Inspired Robotics | Robotics and AI
This paper provides the very first definition of “growing robots”: a category of robots that imitates biological growth by the incremental addition of material. Although this nomenclature is quite new, the concept of morphological evolution, which is behind growth, has been extensively addressed in engineering and robotics. In fact, the idea of reproducing processes that belong to living systems has always attracted scientists and engineers. The creation of systems that adapt reliabl...
biomimicry  robotics 
march 2019 by hschilling

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