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ACLU: Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Linked Athletes To Mugshots
Face surveillance is dangerous when it doesn’t work, and when it does.”
privacy  surveillance  race  face  biometrics  algorithm  bias 
18 days ago by rachaelsullivan
A must-read not just for those in the field bust in others where are beginning to creep i…
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23 days ago by sdp
'Payment by vein' trialled in supermarket - BBC News
A supermarket in London is trialling a biometric payment system that uses the unique vein pattern in fingertips to pay for goods.
Costcutter said it would consider rolling Fingopay out more widely if the test, at Brunel University, was successful.
An electronic reader maps the user's finger veins, generating a unique key.
But one expert questioned whether biometric systems had any benefit over traditional methods of payment.
biometrics  identity  payment  future  trends  retail 
23 days ago by dancall
Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock works if eyes are shut - BBC News
Google has confirmed the Pixel 4 smartphone's Face Unlock system can allow access to a person's device even if they have their eyes closed.

One security expert said it was a significant problem that could allow unauthorised access to the device.

By comparison, Apple's Face ID system checks the user is "alert" and looking at the phone before unlocking.

Google said in a statement: "Pixel 4 Face Unlock meets the security requirements as a strong biometric."

Speaking before the launch, Pixel product manager Sherry Lin said: "They are actually only two face [authorisation] solutions that meet the bar for being super-secure. So, you know, for payments, that level - it's ours and Apple's."

On Tuesday, BBC News tested the Face Unlock feature on the new Pixel 4.

Using the default settings, the phone still unlocked if the user pretended to be asleep.

The test was repeated on several people, with the same result.

Images of the Pixel 4 leaked before launch showed a setting labelled: "Require eyes to be open," in the facial-recognition menu.

However, this setting was not present on the devices loaned to BBC News.

And Google told BBC News it would not feature on the Pixel 4 when it went on sale, on 24 October.

"If someone can unlock your phone while you're asleep, it's a big security problem," said cyber-security expert Graham Cluley.

"Someone unauthorised - a child or partner? - could unlock the phone without your permission by putting it in front of your face while you're asleep," he told BBC News.

"I wouldn't trust it to secure the private conversations and data on my phone."
google  android  biometrics  security  fail 
26 days ago by some_hren
Samsung: Anyone's thumbprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone - BBC News
A flaw that means any fingerprint can unlock a Galaxy S10 phone has been acknowledged by Samsung.

It promised a software patch that would fix the problem.

The issue was spotted by a British woman whose husband was able to unlock her phone with his thumbprint when it was stored in a cheap case.

When the S10 was launched, in March, Samsung described the fingerprint authentication system as "revolutionary".

The British couple who discovered the security issue told the Sun newspaper it was a "real concern".

After buying a £2.70 gel screen protector on eBay, Lisa Neilson registered her right thumbprint and then found her left thumbprint, which was not registered, could also unlock the phone.

She then asked her husband to try and both his thumbs also unlocked it.

And when the screen protector was added to another relative's phone, the same thing happened.
samsung  android  biometrics  security  fail 
26 days ago by some_hren
Daring Fireball: Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Can Be Circumvented With $3 Screen Protector
BBC News:

After buying a £2.70 gel screen protector on eBay, Lisa Neilson registered her right thumbprint and then found her left thumbprint, which was not registered, could also unlock the phone.

She then asked her husband to try and both his thumbs also unlocked it. And when the screen protector was added to another relative’s phone, the same thing happened. […]

Samsung said it was “aware of the case of S10’s malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch”.

When the iPhone 5S debuted with Touch ID, we were inundated with news stories about “easy” ways to spoof it that were, in fact, not easy at all.

Now we learn that Samsung’s flagship phone’s fingerprint sensor can in fact be spoofed trivially — and… crickets.
iphone  samsung  android  propaganda  biometrics  security 
26 days ago by some_hren
Any fingerprint unlocks Galaxy S10, Samsung warns - BBC News
The company promises a software fix after a British couple discover any fingerprint can unlock the flagship device.
biometrics  samsung 
27 days ago by djbl

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