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Navigating the unfolding open data landscape in ecology and evolution | Nature Ecology & Evolution
Open access to data is revolutionizing the sciences. To allow ecologists and evolutionary biologists to confidently find and use the existing data, we provide an overview of the landscape of online data infrastructures, and highlight the key points to consider when using open data. We introduce an online collaborative platform to keep a community-driven, updated list of the best sources that enable search for data in one interface. In doing so, our aim is to lower the barrier to accessing open data, and encourage its use by researchers hoping to increase the scope, reliability and value of their findings.
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8 hours ago by m3gan0
Death Squared: The Explosive Growth and Demise of a Mouse Population
People have used this fucking paper to rationalize withholding resources from others due to the creation of a "utopia" supposedly leading to rapid population decline. Fucking eugenicists, I stg.
sociology  population  biology 
3 days ago by trewbot
The Computational Foundation of Life | Quanta Magazine
Life was long thought to obey its own set of rules. But as simple systems show signs of lifelike behavior, scientists are arguing about whether this apparent
systemsscience  sfi  biology  evolution  information  physics 
3 days ago by zesteur

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