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SynBioBeta 2018: The Global Synthetic Biology Summit - SynBioBeta 2018
San Francisco Oct 1-3, you’ll join our growing community of inspired scientists, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, policy makers and pioneers using synthetic biology to build better, more sustainable, ways to Feed, Fuel, and Heal the World.
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2 days ago by sprague
Gaia Bees | A new approach to living with bees
"Gaia Bees was founded to honor the essential role of bees in sustaining life on our planet. Our mission is to ensure the health and survival of bees, and thus, all beings.  Gaia Bees advocates for a fundamental shift in apiculture and develops new practices toward a bee-centric approach.
Our work focuses on three areas: installation and care of “landscape apiaries”; research and development of sustainable apiculture strategies; offering educational/training programs."
Per Erik Knutzen, who absorbed a paradigm of honey bees colonies as superorganisms from Gaia Bees' Michael Thiele.
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3 days ago by JJLDickinson
Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory - The New York Times
Scientists are focusing on a relatively small number of human genes and neglecting thousands of others. The reasons have more to do with professional survival than genetics.
Genetics  Biology  Research  medicine  genomics 
3 days ago by casfindad
Mechanisms of scent-tracking in humans | Nature Neuroscience
Whether mammalian scent-tracking is aided by inter-nostril comparisons is unknown. We assessed this in humans and found that (i) humans can scent-track, (ii) they improve with practice, (iii) the human nostrils sample spatially distinct regions separated by ∼3.5 cm and, critically, (iv) scent-tracking is aided by inter-nostril comparisons. These findings reveal fundamental mechanisms of scent-tracking and suggest that the poor reputation of human olfaction may reflect, in part, behavioral demands rather than ultimate abilities.
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4 days ago by kmt

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