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HRV: Means and Variation
At this point, most of you are aware that a single HRV (lnRMSSD) score taken in isolation does not necessarily imply or reflect an acute change in performance, fatigue, recovery, etc (though it may sometimes). Here’s why: Below are two separate HRV trends I pulled from a training cycle I did last year at week…
HRV  heart-rate  training  physiology  biohacking 
10 days ago by Samuelkordik
Improving HRV Data Interpretation with the Coefficient of Variation
What is Coefficient of Variation (CV)? How is CV connected to the HRV score and ln(rMSSD)? What are "good" and "bad" CV trends? How do I use it to interpret and tailor training? Check out this blog post by guest writer, Andrew Flatt, to answer these questions and more.
HRV  biohacking  heart-rate 
10 days ago by Samuelkordik
Liquid Focus
I upvoted Liquid Focus on Product Hunt: Safer, healthier alternative to Adderall for focus at May 15, 2019 at 08:29AM
Product  Hunt  Productivity  Biohacking 
4 weeks ago by iamthefury
Magnesium Self-Experiments -
3 magnesium self-experiments on magnesium l-threonate and magnesium citrate.
5 weeks ago by Chronologos
How to Make a Clone in 6 Easy Steps: 3 Steps
The sixth (and last)step: Repeat the last three steps as necessary until you have enough clones. Expect a lot of them not to survive because of cellular damage and other mishaps. Allow the embryos to grow and divide a few times in Human Egg Cell growth media.
humor  instructable  cloning  biohacking 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
I hacked my body for a future that never came - The Verge
I mourned the loss to some extent, but it didn’t really sink in until Ben sent me a Slack message one morning. “It finally happened,” he told me. He’d gone to get an MRI because of a pinched nerve, and they’d turned him away because of the magnet embedded in his finger. My earlier internet research suggested you could secure it with tape during a scan, but this confidence was apparently misplaced. Ben got his magnet removed at home by a friend in the surgical profession: they slit open his finger, pulled it to the surface with a bigger magnet, and plucked it out with tweezers. He’d lost feeling from it years ago.
technology  biohacking  health 
5 weeks ago by craniac
Finally! Microchip implanting to free from physical key😊
transhumanism  Akerun  biohacking  NFC  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by body-tech23
CyberPunk Yourself – Body Modification, Augmentation, and Grinders | Hackaday
Grinders – men and women who hack their own bodies – are pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible when it comes to human augmentation. They’re hackers at heart, pursuing on an amateur level what they can’t get from the consumer market. Human augmentation is a concept that is featured heavily in science fiction and futurism, but the assumption most people have is that those kinds of advancements will come from medical or technology companies.

Instead, we’re seeing augmentation begin in the basements of hackers and in the back rooms of piercing studios. The domain of grinders is the space where body modification and hacking meet. It mixes the same willingness to modify one’s body that is common among the tattooed and pierced, and adds an interest in hacking technology that you find in hackerspaces around the world. When those two qualities intersect, you have a potential grinder.
hackaday  grinder  biohacking  transhuman  article 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Collection of current studies on diet, fasting, nutrition (supplements), brain, aging, microbiome, cancer, exercise, inflammation, medtech
aging  longevity  diet  nutrition  fitness  brain  studies  resources  biohacking 
8 weeks ago by dandv
Billionaire Jack Dorsey’s 11 ‘wellness’ habits: From no food all weekend to ice baths
a secret of mine is that i have been doing intermittent fasting (like jack dorsey but not as extreme) for like a year now, and it helped me with autoimmune NOT let anyone outside of pinboard know

I can't believe I read this, but I was actually entertained for maybe 5 seconds
jack_dorsey  ceo  biohacking  intermittent_fasting 
9 weeks ago by skwak
$1000 for DIY, creative or activist projects!! Apply now.
crispr  biohackers  biohacking  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago by sprague
LongeCity Forums
Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans
biohacking  forum  longevity 
12 weeks ago by chrisbuchholz

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