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All About Steve Wozniak: Paul Freiberger, Michael Swaine, Amber Calderon, Jennifer Mujezinovic: 9781681570976: Gateway
"A program's type describes its behavior. Dependent types are a first-class part of a language, and are much more powerful than other kinds of types; using just one language for types and programs allows program descriptions to be as powerful as the programs they describe. The Little Typer explains dependent types, beginning with a very small language that looks very much like Scheme and extending it to cover both programming with dependent types and using dependent types for mathematical reasoning. Readers should be familiar with the basics of a Lisp-like programming language, as presented in the first four chapters of The Little Schemer.

The first five chapters of The Little Typer provide the needed tools to understand dependent types; the remaining chapters use these tools to build a bridge between mathematics and programming. Readers will learn that tools they know from programming―pairs, lists, functions, and recursion―can also capture patterns of reasoning. The Little Typer does not attempt to teach either practical programming skills or a fully rigorous approach to types. Instead, it demonstrates the most beautiful aspects as simply as possible, one step at a time."
book  computers  mike.swaine  steve.wozniak  biography 
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Christian Wiman, He Held Radical Light (FSG)
What is it we want when we can’t stop wanting? And how do we make that hunger productive and vital rather than corrosive and destructive? These are the questions that animate Christian Wiman as he explores the relationships between art and faith, death and fame, heaven and oblivion. Above all, He Held Radical Light is a love letter to poetry, filled with moving, surprising, and sometimes funny encounters with the poets Wiman has known. Seamus Heaney opens a suddenly intimate conversation about faith; Mary Oliver puts half of a dead pigeon in her pocket; A. R. Ammons stands up in front of an audience and refuses to read. He Held Radical Light is as urgent and intense as it is lively and entertaining—a sharp sequel to Wiman’s earlier memoir, My Bright Abyss.
2018Faves  poetry  criticism  biography  ChristianWiman  FSGBooks 
6 days ago by briansholis
Andrew Yang (entrepreneur) - Wikipedia
Andrew Yang (born January 13, 1975)[1] is an American entrepreneur, the founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
politics  biography  nys  usa  economics 
8 days ago by javagar
Historiography’s Two Voices: Data Infrastructure and History at Scale in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) « CA: Journal of Cultural Analytics
Peer-Reviewed By: Matt Erlin  Clusters: Data, Infrastructure Article DOI: 10.22148/16.028 Dataverse DOI: 10.7910/DVN/D3KFLP PDF DOI: 10.31235/ Journal ISSN: 2371-4549 Cite: Christopher N. via Pocket
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Skip to content Grundlegende Funktionen der Geolinker-API Die histHub-Geolinker-API ist ein Service, der geographische Einheiten mit Links anreichern kann. Wird dem Service die URL der Einheit gesendet,... via Pocket
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Artist - SARI Documentation
The person reference data model provides a list of standard descriptors (fields) that are typically present in the description of a person in cultural heritage data systems. via Pocket
artist  biography  cidoc  infrastructure  models  people  prosopography  semantic  swiss 
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Biography of Terry A. Davis - The greatest programmer to ever live.
"Terry’s story is a tragic tale of how mental illness took away the self proclaimed “greatest programmer to ever live” This is the kind of thing I mean when I say we need to archive more metadata about people writing software. Source code is not merely a means to an end - it's as nuanced as poetry.
programming  biography  shared 
11 days ago by davidnunez
256 Kilobytes | Biography of Terry A. Davis - The greatest programmer to ever live.
The most comprehensive source and biography of information you will find on the TempleOS creator, Terry A. Davis.
biography  templeos  programming  history 
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