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John Gray (master mariner) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Captain John Gray of the @SSGreatBritain
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11 days ago by pigsonthewing
The First Modern President - The New York Times
In his measured, insightful biography, “President McKinley: Architect of the American Century,” Robert W. Merry seeks to set the record straight. He notes that the willful, flamboyant Roosevelt upstaged the staid, placid McKinley. Even Roosevelt’s children joked that he wanted to be “the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral,” and Roosevelt was not above personal derision. When McKinley seemed to hesitate before declaring war on Spain in 1898, Roosevelt is said to have suggested, in a private remark that inevitably became public, that the president’s backbone was “as soft as a chocolate éclair.” (The quip has also been attributed to House Speaker Thomas Reed.) In reality, Merry argues, McKinley was shrewd and patient, wily beneath the bland exterior.
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17 days ago by brendanmcfadden
‘Little House on the Prairie’ and the Truth About the American West -
The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
By Caroline Fraser
Illustrated. 625 pp. Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt. $35.
Stretched past its capacity by the tumultuous migrations and movements of the 19th century, that orderly term “westward expansion” is ready for a break. Rather than proceeding in a systematic march across a continent, a wild cast of characters — miners, farmers, ranchers, loggers — raced into the West, locating natural resources, extracting them and refining them into commodities to place on the market. “Westward explosion” might be the better phrase.
As these resource rushes multiplied, thousands of Americans plunged into a parallel — and, by many measures, more rewarding and more consequential — form of extractive industry. Harvesting from the West an inestimable treasure of experiences and observations, these adventurers then refined this raw material into reminiscences, novels, diaries, letters, reports and tales of adventure, both actual and imagined. Since westward expansion coincided with the expansion of the print media, and since readers in the eastern United States had good reason to seek escape from the disturbing changes wrought by industrialization and urbanization, these exported cultural commodities found a receptive marketplace. Endowed with an improbable durability, this infrastructure of printed words retains much of its power to define the region.
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18 days ago by rgl7194
How Stalin Became Stalinist | The New Yorker
Puzzling out how the idealistic Soviet revolutionary came to preside over the bloodiest regime of his time.
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24 days ago by soobrosa
Francis Lyndhurst - Wikipedia
I wrote Wikipedia bio of Francis Lyndhurst, g'dad of actor Nicholas, as seen on @AntiqueRoadTrip
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29 days ago by pigsonthewing

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