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Sampling, Confidence Levels, and Statistics
Sampling and confidence levels - how many samples from a set of data do you need to pull to assure some requested confidence level in the set's statistic?
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october 2018 by Tonti
Binomial baseball - All this
This is possibly a good binomial example for class.
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october 2017 by sburer
Lecture 14: When's that meteor arriving
- Meteors as a random process
- Limiting approximations
- Derivation of the Exponential distribution
- Derivation of the Poisson distribution
- A "Poisson process"
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september 2017 by nhaliday
st.statistics - Lower bound for sum of binomial coefficients? - MathOverflow
- basically approximate w/ geometric sum (which scales as final term) and you can get it up to O(1) factor
- not good enough for many applications (want 1+o(1) approx.)
- Stirling can also give bound to constant factor precision w/ more calculation I believe
- tighter bound at Section 7.3 here:
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february 2017 by nhaliday
probability - How to prove Bonferroni inequalities? - Mathematics Stack Exchange
- integrated version of inequalities for alternating sums of (N choose j), where r.v. N = # of events occuring
- inequalities for alternating binomial coefficients follow from general property of unimodal (increasing then decreasing) sequences, which can be gotten w/ two cases for increasing and decreasing resp.
- the final alternating zero sum property follows for binomial coefficients from expanding (1 - 1)^N = 0
- The idea of proving inequality by integrating simpler inequality of r.v.s is nice. Proof from CS 150 was more brute force from what I remember.
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january 2017 by nhaliday
reference request - The coupon collector's earworm - MathOverflow
I have a playlist with, say, N pieces of music. While using the shuffle option (each such piece is played randomly at each step), I realized that, generally speaking, I have to hear quite a lot of times the same piece before the last one appears. It makes me think of the following question:

At the moment the last non already heard piece is played, what is the max, in average, of number of times the same piece has already been played?

A: e log N + o(log N)
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january 2017 by nhaliday

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