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Melden Sie sich an, oder registrieren Sie sich für Bing Webmastertools, und verbessern Sie die Websiteperformance bei der Suche. Profitieren Sie vom Zugriff auf kostenlose Berichte, Tools und Ressourcen.
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22 days ago by syrabo
Chinese censor shut down 9,000+ apps, 700+ websites in the past six months
"One of China's leading news apps has been singled out for criticism by the country's internet watchdog. Tencent-owned Tiantian Kuaibao - which means 'fast daily news' - was accused of spreading 'vulgar, negative and harmful information, which damaged the online environment'. The Cyberspace Administration of China added that it had 'cleaned up' nearly 9,382 apps and closed 733 websites over the past six months. Tencent has not commented." - BBC

+ Microsoft's Bing search engine goes offline in China - AFP
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8 weeks ago by dmcdev runs on .NET Core 2.1! | .NET Blog is a cloud service that runs on thousands of servers spanning many datacenters across the globe.
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8 weeks ago by yufufi

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