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Spotify – Music Body and Spirit
Music Body and Spirit, Category: Artist, Albums: Sleep Music, Morning Meditation, Meditation and Yoga, Reiki Treatment with bell every 3 minutes, Binaural Beats - Brainwave, Singles: Meditation, Reiki - Positive Energy Music, Sleep Music Visualization Guided for a Deep Sleep, Top Tracks: Reiki Music Energy Healing, 432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages, Clean Energy Positive Vibration, 432 hz reiki music breath of the earth, 3 minutes bell, Happiness Frequency Meditation Music, Biogra...
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11 weeks ago by reggytrades
Monaural Beats | Deep Brainwave Stimulation
Monaural beats are more effective than binaural beats but less effective than isochronic tones. No headphones are required.
monaural  binaural  difference  brainwave  entrainment 
11 weeks ago by lgtout
Craig Mod: A Walk in Japan
15 minute podcasts of Craig Mod hiking through Japan (with binaural audio to boot). Mostly the sounds of footsteps, nature, birds, cities, trains, conversations in passing, sometimes a hello. I put these on with headphones when I'm trying to focus.
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july 2019 by glass

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