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The House Is Haunted, The Ghost Is Me by trashcangimmick [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Harrington, the popular kid who plays basketball and goes to parties and could have any girl he wants, is an island of calm rationality. Caro Harrington, his identical twin, is a fucking disaster.
*  *brilliant  billy/steve  steve/danny  a.trashcangimmick  1906  past-abuse  incest  non-con  saved 
16 days ago by pastself
ugly boy (just crazy about me) by ToAStranger, thecopperkid [Archive of Our Own]
He gets to his feet and follows after Steve as he drags him across the ballroom and toward the bathrooms by the exit. Follows like a drooling dog, honestly, because Steve's got him ten kinds of fucked up in that suit and with that flush face and the rigid line of his shoulders.

And then Steve's shoving him into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them, pointing a finger in his face like the epitome of fury.

“You don't get to do this,” he says, seething and gorgeous.


Or: Billy's a jealous little shit; it doesn't go according to plan.
billy/steve  strangerthings  pwp  *  a.toastranger  a.thecopperkid  10k-15k  breath-play  daddykink 
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I Only Wanna Be With You by flippyspoon [Archive of Our Own]
Billy is absolutely not going to fall for the yuppie kid in the GAP jeans who loves Hootie and the Blowfish and Steve is absolutely not going to fall for the bitchy barista who loves Guns N' Roses. Absolutely not.
9k+  unread  au  a.flippyspoon  billy/steve  strangerthings 
february 2019 by pastself
bellyache by celoica [Archive of Our Own]
“The connection. To—to everything.” He laughed, an edge of hysteria to it. “She was in the seat and she was screaming and bleeding and I was touching her when she stopped—“

He cut himself off, bit his tongue. Explaining it was like trying to explain the act of breathing. He didn’t know the mechanics, only that it just was.

Billy shuffled close. He kept his hands to himself. “Stopped what?”

“Being. Existing. Her soul or whatever just stopped.” He rubbed at his eyes until they hurt. “You ever feel someone die? It’s Hell.”
unread  WIP  a.celoica  strangerthings  billy/steve 
february 2019 by pastself
Bite Your Tongue And Choke Yourself To Sleep by trashcangimmick [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is going to grad school in Chicago. Life is comfortable. Life is stable. Steve is doing great and he really wishes everyone would stop asking.
wip  billy/steve  strangerthings  non-con  a.trashcangimmick  1902 
february 2019 by pastself
mistletoe and other holiday propaganda - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Everybody wants something for Christmas.

It just so happens that the only way for everyone to get what they want is for Billy and Steve to pretend to be dating over Christmas break. It's really the only option.
slash  strangerthings  billy/steve  au 
february 2019 by diva0789
your tongue is sharp, but i miss the taste of it by thecopperkid [Archive of Our Own]
Billy looks sweaty as fuck. Abandoned his denim jacket, drenched through his thin t-shirt. He’s like, unbuckled, rolling around in the seat, all hunched in fetal position. Grabbing the crotch of his fucking pants.

Then he really fucks with Steve’s shit.

Says, “I need to come, I think.”

Billy had one job -- don't take off the scarf. / Science is probably not Steve's strong suit, but he's really trying to make sense of why Billy's suddenly found him so appealing.
sex-pollen  a.thecopperkid  billy/steve  strangerthings  1904  7k+ 
february 2019 by pastself
Clean Cut American Kid by trashcangimmick [Archive of Our Own]
Billy is smart, good at sports, and pretty like a young starlet. Life should be easy for him. He pretends it is.
strangerthings  billy/steve  a.trashcangimmick  15k-20k  *  *brilliant  1901  saved 
january 2019 by pastself
Bro-ing Down & Falling Up by LazyBaker [Archive of Our Own]
Steve and Nancy haven’t kissed in, like, three months. Billy has been all over Steve for, like, a year and a half and three days.
-1k  a.lazybaker  infidelity  billy/steve  strangerthings  1901  au 
january 2019 by pastself
Something Weird
"Guys," he said, yanking open the door to squash himself onto the backseat with Max and Lucas, "guys, we have an emergency."
The other three had his attention immediately, wide-eyed and waiting for what he had to say next. "Upside Down stuff?" said Max.
"Is it El?" Lucas asked.
"Is everyone okay?" Will asked, twisted around in the front seat.
"Steve has a girlfriend."

Or: Five kids who try to figure out who Steve's 'secret girlfriend' is, and one kid who already knows.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
Nancy Wheeler, Private Investigator
Nancy will admit, she should have noticed it sooner. Sure, she had been distracted by her new relationship with Jonathan, but that was no excuse. Even after their breakup, she was Steve’s only real friend. She needed to keep an eye on him, make sure he was okay.

So when Billy Hargrove shoved Steve in the hall before school, she was genuinely surprised to see Steve turn and grin, the two pushing and wrestling and trying to mess up each other’s hair on the way to class.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
Word to the Wise
Dustin tries to give Billy a serious warning about dating Steve.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
In the Dark of the Night
“What?” Billy sits up, blearily rubbing his eyes with the fingers of one hand.

“Downstairs.” Steve grips Billy’s bicep. “I heard something.”

Sure enough, the sound of glass smashing on the hardwood floors downstairs makes them both freeze.

Billy waits a moment before reacting. “Where’s your baseball bat?”

“Under the bed.”

Billy scrambles out of bed and pulls on his underwear. “Stay here, ok?” He fumbles under the bed and retrieves the bat with the nails, giving it a practise swing.

“I’m not letting you go alone,” Steve snorts, pulling a t-shirt over his head (Billy’s t-shirt, he realises as he smells the cigarette smoke). He’s fought monsters more terrifying than any intruder they could come across and there’s no way in hell he’s letting Billy go without backup.

“Stay behind me, Princess,” is all Billy says in reply; a whispered compromise.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
"Why are you asking me?"
"You any idea where-"
"Goddammit, why are you asking me?!" Billy yelled. Tommy's eyes widened and Carol, loyally on his arm, gasped.
"I dunno man," Tommy said, shrugging his shoulders. "Thought you'd know."
"Why the Hell does everyone think I know here Harrington is?!" Billy snapped.

What starts off as a weird coincidence turns into the biggest annoyance of Billy's high school career when he becomes the 'go to' man for Steve Harrington's whereabouts.

[[Sort of a Billy character study really but with a healthy spoonful of fluff]]
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
there's nothing wrong with me (loving you, baby)
“Mr. Hargrove,

It has come to HR’s attention that you have, once again, used company property incorrectly. Please refrain from using the break room as a work out facility during your lunch hour. If you are in need a gym recommendation, I'm happy to provide you some. Remove your weights from the lower cabinets at your earliest convenience.

Regards, S. Harrington”

This isn’t the first ridiculous email Steve has had to send to Hargrove, and Steve sincerely doubts it will be his last.
fic  au  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
Don't Tell Me There's No Hope At All/ Together We Stand, Divided We Fall
Billy's used to being afraid of his father, and he knows he's not the only one scared. But it's one thing to know your stepmother gets smacked around every once in a while and another thing completely to find her body on the bathroom floor.

He's a mess, Max is even more of a mess, and Joyce Byers is a queen among mothers, she really is.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
Build It Better
“Congratulations, Steve. You’re having a baby.”
fic  au  stranger.things  billy/steve  mpreg 
january 2019 by allieyy
New Normal
Max thinks Billy is a mouth-breather. Billy has the worst case of heart eyes. Steve's just here for the free cookies.
fic  stranger.things  billy/steve 
january 2019 by allieyy
wear that dress you like, skin tight by ToAStranger, thecopperkid [Archive of Our Own]
Billy catches Steve's ankle. Digs his thumb in slow circles, there, breath heavy.

“Lemme earn it,” Billy says. “Tell me how to make it up to you, sweetheart.”

Steve's mouth purses up again.

He stares at Billy, lets him hold his right foot hostage for a moment, and then pulls away. His shoulders roll a little as he straightens up.

“Get on your knees. Beg for it.”


Billy's in big, big trouble.
8k+  a.toastranger  a.thecopperkid  billy/steve  strangerthings  1901  rough-sex  au 
january 2019 by pastself

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