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Regions MyMortgage - Log On
Allows mortgage customers to log on to existing accounts or enroll a new account.
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12 days ago by grayts21
#釋字748施行法 vs #公投12案施行法 來自 #同學陣
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Cancer Treatment's Worst Side Effects Can Be Financial : Shots - Health News : NPR
Good read about the burden that dealing with bills related to cancer care imposes on patients.
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27 days ago by brentfarwick
Anti-Counterfeit Measures for Currency - DataGenetics
A modern bank-note is an incredibly sophisticated device. Special kinds of paper (and sometimes plastic) are used to manufacture bank notes, as are special inks.

Some of these inks change colors depending the angle you look at them. Some inks can be made sensitive to heat and change color. Some inks are thick and their presence can be detected under fingers and thumbs. The ink can be magnetic to allow detection by machine, or be sensitive to non-visible light, or made to fluoresce under UV.

‘Water-marks’ can be embedded into the paper during manufacture, and/or threads, fibers, metals strips, stripes or other contrasting substances weaved inside. The printed designs are made very intricate, requiring high resolution printers to duplicate, and the spacing of lines in the engraved patterns are cleverly spaced so that if they are scanned at lower resolution, then moiré patterns will appear in the designs. Multicolored inks with subtle transitions can be employed and even foil and holograms included. Of course, all bank notes have unique serial numbers too.

Bank notes can be peppered with patterns of micro-perforations drilled by lasers, or be imprinted or embossed to raise letters. A good list of current techniques used to protect bank notes can be found here.

However one of the most interesting counterfeit prevention devices, and the topic of this post, is a construct known colloquially as the “Eurion constellation“. It’s a special pattern of dots that is baked into design of bank notes to allow scanning devices to identify the image of being a bank note (see right).

You might not have noticed them, or been aware they are they, but they are hidden in plain sight. It’s one of those things that, once you’ve seen, you can never unsee.
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