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I have the solution to address . Just ask what to do and do the exact opposite
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yesterday by mgifford
🌟 Stiffler 🌟 on Twitter: "Here's a thought: no one is a billionaire without being a massive asshole. To be a billionaire, you have to willingly accrue more money than you could ever spend and CHOOSE not to benefit the majority of humanity by giving
“Here’s a thought: no one is a billionaire without being a massive asshole. To be a billionaire, you have to willingly accrue more money than you could ever spend and CHOOSE not to benefit the majority of humanity by giving it away. They CHOSE not to live even as ‘millionaires.’”
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5 days ago by handcoding
The weak spots that let journalists expose the finances of looters, organized criminals and oligarchs / Boing Boing
1. Retired Officials: Johnston says former regulators of the industry you’re investigating are “the most helpful people you could ever develop as a source in trying to trace money and criminal enterprises.” They can show you where to look for wrongdoing by pointing out specific laws and bylaws that might have been contravened, he said.

2. Land Registries: “If you’re looking for assets, check the Land Registry for England and Wales,” Garside said. The website publishes a searchable Excel file that lists all the property owned by shell companies outside the UK. “If you’re looking for hidden multi-million-pound houses, that that’s where you find them,” she said.
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4 weeks ago by Quercki
(2) Kate-a-line ✂️ on Twitter: "Putting this offer out there: If you’re a union organizer/member and you’d like to print stickers of or use this design, send me a message at contact @ kateleth . com and I’ll send you the hi-res file 👌 https:/
“Putting this offer out there: If you’re a union organizer/member and you’d like to print stickers of or use this design, send me a message at contact @ kateleth . com and I’ll send you the hi-res file”

(Image of a sheep with a banner that says “Unionize” with an inscription above that says, “There are no ethical billionaires”)
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5 weeks ago by handcoding
Opinion | American Universities Are Addicted to Billionaires - The New York Times
When you have an event on a private beach owned by a sex trafficker, women don’t get invited. They don’t get invited to the private island. They don’t get invited to the sex trafficker’s conferences.
Manjoo  Ito  Epstein  MIT  misogyny  universities  billionaires  women  gender  sex  trafficker 
8 weeks ago by KMP
The Adults In The Room
Why do rich executives ignore data that doesn't agree with what they "know"
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11 weeks ago by UltraNurd
The lesson from the ruins of Notre Dame: don’t rely on billionaires | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
As the Notre Dame official said last month, they don’t want their money “just to pay employees’ salaries”.

I think they'd prefer to pay the Abstract Concept of Notre Dame without that money passing through the filthy hands of actual workers.
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july 2019 by mathpunk
Slack Stock Soars as Messaging Company Goes Public - The New York Times
Slack worth close to $25B it seems at $40+ stock price. It seems it did direct listing at $26.

Last private valuation was $7.1B. Buttefield’s equity of Slack at $38 a share is $1.5B.

“The workplace collaboration company’s shares began trading at $38.50 on the New York Stock Exchange, up from a reference price of $26 that was set on Wednesday. That gave Slack a fully diluted valuation of $23.1 billion, more than triple its $7.1 billion valuation as a private company. In the weeks before the listing, investors had privately traded Slack’s shares at prices as high as $31.50 a share.”
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june 2019 by skinnymuch
Imagine if and acknowledged through actions that their success was built on publicly funded…
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june 2019 by zobelg

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