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Paperless and clueless
Python’s itertools library solves an accounting problem.
python  invoices  itertools  billing  script  Scripting  programming  math 
17 days ago by catichenor
Paperless and clueless - Drang python script
Payton script to figure out what combo of invoices add up to a certain total. Useful when you have a payment but unsure what combo of open invoices are being paid off.
script  billing  invoices  python 
18 days ago by khit
BillGist gives you a simple way to get AWS account cost and billing reports via email. No need for complicated configuration settings.
billing  aws 
29 days ago by adam.gibbins
Coding and Billing for NP and PA Providers in Your Medical Practice
healthcare  billing  from twitter
4 weeks ago by Oliverez
Spotting a Million Dollars in Your AWS Account · Segment Blog
Some good ideas in here, particularly the one about accounting for EBS volumes.
aws  billing  costmanagement  segment 
5 weeks ago by rcrowley

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