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Spotting a Million Dollars in Your AWS Account · Segment Blog
ar we’ve talked about all of our costs within the context of a single AWS account. However, this doesn’t actually reflect our AWS setup, which is spread across different physical AWS
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5 days ago by electronicbites
Spotting a million dollars in your AWS account · Segment Blog
As you might imagine, getting visibility into your AWS bill takes a large amount of work–both in terms of custom tooling and identifying expensive resources within AWS.

The biggest win we’ve found comes from making it easy to continuously estimate your spend rather than running the occasional ‘one-time-analysis’.

To do that, we’ve automated all of the data collection, enforced tagging within Terraform and our CI, and educated the entire engineering team how to properly tag their infrastructure. 

Rather than sitting within a PDF,  all of our data is continuously updated within Redshift. If we want to answer new questions or generate new reports, we can instantly get results via a new SQL query. 
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9 days ago by euler
Spotting a million dollars in your AWS account · Segment Blog
You can easily split your spend by AWS service per month and call it a day. Ten thousand dollars of EC2, one thousand to S3, five hundred dollars to network traffic, etc. But what’s still missing is a synthesis of which products and engineering teams are dominating your costs. 

Then, add in the fact that you may have hundreds of instances and millions of containers that come and go. Soon, what started as simple analysis problem has quickly become unimaginably complex. 

In this follow-up post, we’d like to share details on the toolkit we used. Our hope is to offer up a few ideas to help you analyze your AWS spend, no matter whether you’re running only a handful of instances, or tens of thousands.

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9 days ago by jm
Subscription Management Software & Subscription Billing Platform | ChikPea
A SaleseForce native subscription management service. Because invoicing off of salesforce is problematic using native technology.

Allows to manage invoices as well as products using quote and quote-line objects, which are nested under each opportunity.
salesforce  subscription  management  billing  tools  services 
10 days ago by noahsussman
The Ultimate Pricing Strategy To Charge What Your Time Is Worth
There's a lot to know about freelancing and consulting. How do you know you're doing it right? Learn how to charge what you're worth (and be successful).
business  freelance  time  invoice  billing  marketing 
14 days ago by davemac
Announcing preview of Consumption and Charge APIs for Enterprise Azure customers
We are excited to announce the preview release of the new Azure Consumption and Charge APIs for Enterprise customers. This follows the release of our new Power…
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23 days ago by geekzter

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