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BREAKING: Journalist Found Dead in Hotel After Investigating Bill Clinton
Anonymous EXPOSED -
BREAKING: Journalist Found Dead in Hotel After Investigating Bill Clinton | Anonymous EXPOSED
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5 weeks ago by juandante
Time’s Up, Bill
"it is truly only a powerful white man who could have lived the past 20 years — through the defeat of his wife and the social revolution it helped to galvanize — and think that none of this effort or upheaval applied to him, especially given that so much of it applies to him directly."
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june 2018 by sucktastic
Bill Clinton Feels His Own Pain
Working on behalf of women in general does not spare a person of accountability for his treatment of women in particular...His umbrage is the stuff not merely of male victimhood, but also of the greater good, of but it only happened once, of deeply ingrained assumptions about the way power works in this country. Sacrifices must be made. Practicalities must be assessed. “I had two women chiefs of staff when I was governor,” Bill Clinton reminds Craig Melvin, when Melvin asks about Lewinsky, and what he is suggesting is that women, as a group, might be better served if those who have been the victims of abuse would hold their tongues and know their place and do the thing women have long been expected to do: Take one for the team.
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june 2018 by sucktastic
Democratic Candidates Distancing Themselves From Bill and Hillary Clinton for 2018 Elections
“In February, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D., Wash.) told Politico that she did not expect the former president [Bill Clinton] to take an active role in campaigning for Democrats in 2018 because his presence would only serve to remind voters that the party had not always taken the high road on sexual misconduct.”
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may 2018 by cbearden
Tom Nichols on Twitter: "All of the talk about globalization and inequality reminds me...
All of the talk about globalization and inequality reminds me of a moment I had with a friend 26 years ago. (I remember because it was during the 1992 election.) I have work to do, but I'll tell this and leave it at that. /1
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april 2018 by coslinks
What Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Have in Common - Bloomberg
“Let's start with lying. Clinton lied like a lawyer. He parsed.”
“Trump lies like a late-night infomercial. He spews hyperbole and nonsense.”
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april 2018 by cbearden

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