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What a seriously cool experience. Today I co-facilitated a workshop with our host client…
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The Texas Tribune: audience strategy and business model
Should content be written in Spanish in order to reach Texas’ growing Hispanic population? According to Smith, when the San Antonio Express News published a Spanish language supplement called Connexion around twenty years ago, the publication discovered that they were making assumptions about their audience that may not square with reality. Hispanic Texans, whose first language was Spanish and who speak Spanish at home, tend to have media consumption habits in English. They found that it was ‘Spanish in the kitchen, English in the classroom’, said Smith.

Smith said that the way to reach the dual language Texan, even if it is a generalisation, is to go via broadcast. The Tribune therefore wants to hire more Spanish speaking journalists who can go onto Spanish speaking radio and television.

The Tribune’s audience development strategy is therefore to push and not pull. ‘You go to them. you don’t sit around and wait for them to come to you’, he said.

Pushing means understanding where people are and how they consume media and what they want. Smith likened this process to the discussions people were having about social media strategies. Seven or eight years ago content was platform agnostic: you created your content and then made it accessible via all channels. Now content is platform devout: you have to have a different strategy for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc.

‘In some ways the audience model is the same. You have to be audience devout’, said Smith.
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