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Gut gemacht : ihr habt nen Nazi-Spruch zum Trenden gebracht.

Ihr bringt der Beweis, dass nicht das Pr…
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24 days ago by springfeld
in der digitalen Gesellschaft - Prof. Dr. Christian Stöcker via
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july 2019 by friedelitis
Agned Callard, "Against Advice"
As I’m using the word “advice,” it aims to combine the impersonal and the transformative. You could think of it as “instructions for self-transformation.” The young person is not approaching Atwood for instructionson how to operate Microsoft Word, nor is she making the unreasonable demand that Atwood become her writing coach. She wants the kind of value she would get from the second, but she wants it given to her in the manner of the first. But there is no there there. Hence the advice-giver is reduced to repeating reasonable-sounding things she has heard others say—thoughts that are watered down so far that there’s really no thought left, just water.

The problem here is a mismatch between form and content. Instrumental knowledge is knowledge of universals: whenever you have an X, it will get you a Y. I can give you such knowledge without our having any robust connection to one another. Knowledge of becoming, by contrast, always involves a particularized grasp of where the aspirant currently stands on the path between total cluelessness and near-perfection. What are her characteristic weaknesses; where does she already excel; what nudges could she use? Only someone who knows her knows this. An aspirational history is full of minute corrections, dead ends, backtracking, re-orientation and random noise. It is as idiosyncratic, odd and particular as the human being herself.
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may 2019 by rhgibson
RT : Wow, super. Danke Leute für eurer Engagement in und

Das waren jetzt schon mal viele Pakete an VHS…
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may 2019 by Xylakant
Spannend, danke für die bisherigen Antworten & Anregungen! 🙏
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april 2019 by eoto
A Learner's Paradise: How New Zealand is Reimagining Education: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators Everywhere
“Do you think education works? Does it meet the needs of future society, business and most importantly, the average school leaver?
In this book, Richard Wells explains his amazement at how all the components of New Zealand education collaborate in creating an ever forward-moving system better prepared for the 21st century than any other. After teaching in the United Kingdom, Wells moved to New Zealand in 2006 to find there was no prescribed curriculum and teachers were trusted to run the whole system, including writing high school graduation assessments themselves. The Government is appreciated by teachers as a supportive aide to them as they hold each other to account in a positive and collaborative nationally networked system. In New Zealand, teachers are proud of the education system they operate and develop with their students, some being unaware of how lucky they are.

Wells explains each of the elements and organisations that jointly form the world’s leading 21st Century education system. He describes the developments and decisions that were made in achieving this and how it is moving into a phase of using student-negotiated national assessments that few other countries’ educators could even contemplate. The book is filled with useful diagrams and posters to illustrate key themes and pedagogies.

Wells paints a picture of what happens when young people are measured by their depth of thinking and understanding and can personalise their approach to doing so. The book introduces you to a country where the leading people and schools shape the future of world public education.”
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april 2019 by Cervus
in der - wie finanziert man Verbesserungen? ist freiberuflicher Entwickler & versucht…
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