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Trump’s beggar-thy-neighbour trade strategy is anything but foolish - The Globe and Mail

The U.S. administration’s tariffs are actually perfectly rational – from Mr. Trump’s perspective (i.e. his worldview).

The extent of the punitive tariffs Mr. Trump is imposing is unprecedented. They threaten to bring down the system of global trade – Bretton Woods' meticulously calibrated, multilateral system of rules has 164 member-states and comprises tens of thousands of products--by design.

World Trade Organization (WTO) tribunals – which are about to grind to a halt because the United States has not named a judge to the seven-member Appellate Body – were meant to ensure that everyone sticks to the rules....
The President is now intent on destroying co-operation within the WTO by driving wedges between the world’s trading blocs and countries. The United States would be in a much stronger position if it could negotiate with each trade bloc directly. ....Mr. Trump’s recent musings about replacing NAFTA with two separate trade agreements with Canada and Mexico are further evidence to that effect. Canada risks selling out the WTO by making concessions to the United States.

China, too, is negotiating bilaterally with the United States and is already caving to American demands. In the end, the large trading blocs are likely to divide up the world among themselves; countries with little leverage, such as Canada, could become collateral damage......Where once the goal of the United States was to rise to global hegemony, today its goal is to maintain that dominance.

So, that same rules-based system is now causing competitors.... Under these conditions, it is no longer in the interest of the United States to co-operate; as the global political and economic hegemon, the United States can win a strategic competition for wealth and power. Everyone ends up poorer, but the United States remains top dog because everyone else grows poorer faster than the United States. Beggar thy neighbour. Literally.

But being frank will not sit well with Canadians; painting Mr. Trump as a crazy buffoon is more politically expedient. So, along with the EU and China, Canada falls right into Mr. Trump’s bilateral trade-negotiation trap. R.I.P. WTO. Score: Trump 1; Canada 0.
beggar-thy-neighbour  bilateral  Canada  Canadian  China  collateral_damage  crossborder  Donald_Trump  EU  international_system  international_trade  Justin_Trudeau  middle-powers  multilateralism  negotiations  punitive  rules-based  tariffs  WTO  worldviews  mercantilism  zero-sum  NAFTA  Bretton_Woods 
june 2018 by jerryking
Fast Bilateral Filter Approximation Using a Signal Processing Approach in Python
python implementation of a bilateral filter, which is pretty good but extremely slow and memory intensive. good for small investigations, not production code (ha, duh)
bilateral  filter  image  processing  code 
november 2017 by whlteXbread
Fast Bilateral Filter
website of the people who first proposed a fast way to do bilateral filtering
bilateral  filter  research  image  processing 
november 2017 by whlteXbread
Jiawen Chen
this guy wrote some matlab bilateral filtering code that works pretty good.
bilateral  filter  matlab  code 
november 2017 by whlteXbread
Legislador republicano propone impuesto de 2% a las remesas
El presidente del Subcomité de Seguridad del Transporte de la Cámara de Representantes, Mike Rogers, anunció que presentará una iniciativa para gravar las remesas y que así México ponga fondos para el muro.
Migracion  TLCAN  Estados_Unidos  Bilateral 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
Peña Nieto critica amenazas de Trump a empresas en México
El presidente mexicano reiteró que México no pagará el muro y que su gobierno defenderá la inversión de capitales extranjeros en el país.
Estados_Unidos  Bilateral  Politica2017 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
Trump quiere imponer a México impuesto para pagar el muro
El vocero de la Casa Blanca dijo que con este gravamen lograrían adquirir recursos para el muro sin afectar a los contribuyentes de EU.
Politica2017  Estados_Unidos  Migracion  TLCAN  Bilateral 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
Lo hecho en México
Lo hecho en México, está bien hecho. Este fue un slogan que se utilizó con relativo éxito para exaltar la producción de la industria nacional en los años en que la economía mexicana estuvo cerrada al flujo de importaciones. En el curso de unos lustros, la protección que se ofreció a la industria nacional permitió que esta se desarrollara y cambiara el perfil productivo del país. Pero la protección también anidó distintos vicios que hicieron que el modelo resultara insostenible.
Politica2017  Estados_Unidos  Bilateral 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
Gobierno de Peña pide consejo a empresarios para revisar el TLCAN
El gobierno mexicano comenzará a consultar a varios sectores de la sociedad para conjuntar ideas y modernizar el tratado comercial con EU y Canadá.
TLACAN  Politica2017  Estados_Unidos  Bilateral 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
¿Cuál será la estrategia de México ante Trump? Esto dice Guajardo
El secretario de Economía, Ildefonso Guajardo, dijo que en las pláticas con el gobierno de Trump se buscará defender la soberanía de México.
politica2017  Estados_Unidos  Bilateral 
february 2017 by monicatapiaa
Kommentar: Ohne Erdogan ist es nicht zu schaffen - Flüchtlingskrise - FAZ
Die Türkei fordert visumfreies Reisen für die eigenen Bürger und wird darüber hinaus vermutlich auch verlangen, dass die EU ihr mehrere hunderttausend weitere Flüchtlinge in einem geordneten Verfahren abnimmt, zumal ihr nach dem Beginn der russischen Bombardierung Syriens und den neuen Kämpfen um Aleppo eine weitere Flüchtlingswelle droht.

Erst wenn ihre Forderungen erfüllt sind, wird die Türkei, ohnehin kein einfacher Verhandlungspartner, bereit sein, nichtsyrische Migranten aus Europa zurückzunehmen. Angesichts der türkischen Geringschätzung für die EU, angefangen von Staatspräsident Erdogan bis zu den Abteilungsleitern des Innenministeriums, ist es durchaus sinnvoll, dass die Kanzlerin bilateral handelt. Der deutsche Instinkt, nur im europäischen Rahmen zu agieren, wird bei der Türkei nämlich nicht verfangen, da das Verhältnis zwischen der Kommission und Ankara seit den gescheiterten Verhandlungen über die Visaliberalisierung vergiftet ist. Jetzt so zu tun, als ließe sich in Kürze eine türkisch-europäische Einigung finden für Streitfragen, die sich zuvor über Jahre nicht lösen ließen, ist unseriös.
Türkei  Erdogan  Flüchtlingskrise  Merkel_Angela  bilateral  Syrien  Russland  Bombardierung  Aleppo  EU  Ankara 
october 2015 by snearch
NGOs fear TTIP clauses will affect EU chemicals regulation | EurActiv
The EU’s wide-ranging REACH regulation, which provides the world’s most comprehensive health and environmental regulation of chemical substances, is already in the crosshairs of US industry.

Last week, the US Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates testified before the International Trade Commission “about the disproportionate economic impact trade barriers have on small and medium-sized US manufacturers (SMEs) exporting to the European Union,” according to one US newspaper.
REACH  bilateral  trade  TTIP  Chemicals 
october 2014 by Albiez

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