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They spewed hate. Then they punctuated it with the president’s name | Reveal
It was the day after the 2016 presidential election. Melissa Johnson was walking out of a Trader Joe’s in the heart of San Diego when a shiny BMW pulled up alongside her. The driver was a man in his late 30s. Dark hair. Green eyes. Her first thought: He’s kind of hot.

The car slowed down. Then the man shouted at her through the open window.

“Fuck you, nigger, go back to Africa. The slave ship is loading up,” he said. Then he added an exclamation point: “Trump!”
hatespeech  bigotry  racism 
3 days ago by verstehen
When Doctors Bodyshame Their Patients - Medical Fatshaming
Woman had cancer but of course the doctors kept saying "You're just fat."
bigotry  medicine  fat  healthcare 
4 days ago by moose
It's a Gaslight Life For Us! — Breaking Normal
Derailing Bingo -- when they use gaslighting bullshit to make their "side" of the argument.
psychology  wtf  bigotry  logic 
5 days ago by moose
IJMR-Weight Stigma Goes Viral on the Internet: Systematic Assessment of YouTube Comments Attacking Overweight Men and Women | Jeon | Interactive Journal of Medical Research
Looking at YT videos about fat people, men are the most likely to make negative comments, and the type of comments depend on the gender of the person they're attacking. Women receive more 'swear words' than men.`
research  fat  weightstigma  psychology  bigotry  study 
26 days ago by moose
Across Myanmar, Denial of Ethnic Cleansing and Loathing of Rohingya
A couple of hours outside Yangon, the country’s largest city, U Aye Swe, an administrator for Sin Ma Kaw village, said he was proud to oversee one of Myanmar’s "Muslim-free" villages, which bar Muslims from spending the night, among other restrictions.
"Kalar are not welcome here because they are violent and they multiply like crazy, with so many wives and children," he said.
Mr. Aye Swe admitted he had never met a Muslim before, adding, "I have to thank Facebook because it is giving me the true information in Myanmar."
bigotry  facebook  islam  genocide 
5 weeks ago by andrewducker
Andrew Sullivan: We All Live on Campus Now
The goal of our culture now is not the emancipation of the individual from the group, but the permanent definition of the individual by the group. We used to call this bigotry. Now we call it being woke. You see: We are all on campus now.
andrew_sullivan  bigotry  identity 
5 weeks ago by bencasnocha
RT : RT if you use Steam and give a shit if they provide a platform for extremists, neo-nazis, and mass shooter worshipe…
Steam  hate  Nazi  bigotry  racism  from twitter
6 weeks ago by ree
10 Years Ago, the Internet Gave Us "Mansplain." Let Me, a Woman, Explain Why It Still Matters.
"What matters to me isn’t whether the term is used in for its initial purpose, but that fact that almost every time I've seen it deployed, it provokes the kind of intense, aggressive reaction from the man accused of it that seems to prove its very point"
feminism  bigotry  gender  language 
7 weeks ago by moose
The Soul-Crushing Legacy of Billy Graham - Rolling Stone
"I would torment myself for another 20 years trying to 'reform,' never quite able to shake the voice of Billy Graham promising me eternal damnation."
religion  usa  billy_graham  @rollingstone  bigotry  homophobia  evangelicalism 
7 weeks ago by cglinka

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