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In the wake of the ArenaNet firings, women game devs are experiencing a new wave of online harassment •
The decision of @ArenaNet to bow to pressure from bigots and fire two devs a few days ago has opened new floodgates of harassment.
abuse  buffer  videogames  bigotry 
2 days ago by johncoxon
Why Reddit won’t ban The_Donald - Vox
The pro-Trump forum is Reddit’s hate-mongering shadow. But admins want to work with the community.
reddit  DonaldTrump  bigotry 
2 days ago by ebel
Righting a Wrong. : Drama
Archive of a letter explaining why the founder of KotakuInAction shut it down
reddit  bigotry 
2 days ago by ebel
Why I worry a second EU referendum would boost the radical right
So, as I see it, there is every chance Brexit would win a stronger mandate, the campaign itself would not only reinvigorate respectable political xenophobia and racism, the campaign would easily be portrayed as an Establishment attempt to keep re-running votes until the public vote the right way, and the radical right would hugely benefit from such a political context.
UK  EU  Brexit  referendum  polarisation  Leave  racism  xenophobia  bigotry  RobinsonTommy  dctagged  dc:creator=JonesOwen  politics 
21 days ago by petej
An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver - Laura Thomas, PhD | Registered Nutritionist | Wellness Advocate
"We are all in agreement that we want the best for children; to enable children to grow up in the best possible health, and to empower everyone to live lives that feel meaningful to them. No one wants to put children’s health at risk. Over-simplified solutions to any health condition or behaviour are never helpful."
weight.stigma  fat  bias  bigotry  food  culture 
5 weeks ago by moose
CrossFit homophobia
Executive for the organization classified gay pride as "sin"
gay  lgbt  crossfit  bigotry 
5 weeks ago by nelson

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