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Really looking forward to citing this rant for a good long time. “ is like alcohol, tobacco, and fi…
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2 days ago by douglevin
Data For Progress
Data for Progress is the think tank for the future of progressivism. Our goal is to to show how a progressive agenda can win nationwide.

We provide research, polling on left issues and analysis to support activists and advocacy groups, challenging conventional wisdoms about the American public that lack empirical support.

We are a multidisciplinary group of experts using state of the art data science techniques to support progressive activists and causes.
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3 days ago by msszczep
10 Free Data Visualization Tools |
Finding new insights (or sometimes just making your point) can be one of the most satisfying exchanges in business. But when that point is based on ever-growing Big Data sets, often the best way of presenting it is through a sexy-yet-meaningful data…
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3 days ago by evansthompson
is inherently linked with - it's the data that enables AI and any highly visible…
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4 days ago by jhill5
Uber's Big Data Platform: 100+ Petabytes with Minute Latency | Uber Engineering Blog
Uber's Hadoop platform ensures data reliability, scalability, and ease-of-use with minimal latency.
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4 days ago by nuxlli
This reference guide helps to reduce the challenge we all face to understand 100% of our data. Cc:…
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6 days ago by jhill5

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