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Comparison of the Most Useful Text Processing APIs:
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11 hours ago by cdrago
12 visualisation tools to bring your Excel data to life via
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2 days ago by rukku
Working with spatial tools today feels very similar to doing ten years ago: so much poten…
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3 days ago by rukku
ARF identifies consumer privacy painpoints | WARC
One finding: “Consumers are willing to share a variety of data regarding who they are, but not information that can be used to personally identify them or locate them in the physical world, even if it would enhance customization of their content experience,” said McDonald.


Ninety-five percent of adults proved willing to share their gender, a total standing at 91% for race/ethnicity and 82% for sexual orientation. But 91% would not share their Social Security number, a figure hitting 71% for medical information.

“People are generally willing to share even sensitive classifications, like sexual orientation, on the assumption that those are aggregated rather than targeted,” McDonald said.
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4 days ago by JohnDrake
Letter on Proposed Changes to the Common Rule
Notably, these criteria for exclusion focus on the status of the dataset (e.g., is it public? does it already exist?), not the content of the dataset nor what will be done with the dataset, which are more accurate criteria for determining the risk profile of the proposed research.
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5 days ago by dsalo

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