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Transformers: Along Came A Spider
Author's Summary: Springer had seen and endured his fair share of horrors during the war, but nothing could have prepared him for Tarantulas. AKA Tarantulas has Plans and Springer Does Not Want (until he does). (WC: 33,273)
Transformers  Tarantulas/springer  Hostage:Springer  Angst:Just_a_Bit  PWP  Fingering  Knotting  Big_Dick  Unique_Genitalia  Male_Pregnancy  Start_of_a_Relationship  Sex_During_Labor  WC:25001-50000  Oviposition  Death_of_a_Minor_Character  Violence:Physical 
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Supernatural: Supersize Me, Sammy
Author's Summary: Dean finds a huge dildo in Sam's bag and it's all down hill from there. (WC: 15,652)
Supernatural  Dean/sam  PWP  Dildo  Big_Dick  In_the_Car  Lap_Sex  Start_of_a_Relationship  WC:10000-25000  Size_Queen 
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Sherlock: Here Comes the Captain
Author's Summary: Greg didn't expect to find John Watson at his door. He didn't expect himself begging and moaning underneath the man either. But sometimes, things happen. (WC: 3,584)
Sherlock(BBC)  John/greg  PWP  Big_Dick  Start_of_a_Relationship  WC:2501-5000 
january 2019 by sternfan
The Avengers: Morale
Author's Summary: Written for a prompt that goes in part: I want Steve to be horny. After the battle, everyone moved into Stark Tower, started hanging out during group activities to get to know each other, etc etc. Everyone thinks that Steve is a shy virgin, but the truth is very, very far from it. Steve was a good captain during the war for a reason. Not only did he have kickass strategy, but he could increase group morale exponentially. How? Sex. Lots of it. Anywhere they could. (WC: 16,838)
The_Avengers  Everyone/steve  Hulk/steve  PWP  Het  Pegging  Face_Slapping  Gangbang  Double_Penetration  Spanking  Lap_Sex  Deep_Throating  Crying_during_Sex  Fisting  Rough_Sex  Big_Dick  WC:10000-25000  WIP:Abandoned_but_Readable  Ensemble(The_Avengers)  3some(Or_moresome) 
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Star Trek (AOS): Our Captain
Author's Summary: Jim doesn’t want to let his best friends know that he has a massive size kink, but it’s getting more difficult to keep it quiet, more so when he enters a relationship with them both. (WC: 3,338)
Star_Trek(AOS)  Spock/Bones/jim  3some  Size_Kink  Big_Dick  Strength_Kink  Rimming  Subspace  Coming_Untouched  WC:2501-5000 
june 2017 by sternfan
Sons of Anarchy: Sweet Thing
Author's Summary: Juice is a little boy in a big man's world. Since he so clearly just wants a loving family, we gave him a hot Mommy AND Daddy. (WC: 102,704)
Sons_of_Anarchy  Clay/Gemma/juice  3some  Start_of_a_Relationship  Rimming  WC:100001-150000  Nipple_Play  Virgin:Juice_Ortiz  Fingering  MtF:Gemma_Teller_Morrow  Strap-On  Injured:Juice_Ortiz  Angst:Just_a_Bit  Big_Dick  Domestic_Abuse(In_the_Past)  Kink_Negotiation  Artwork  Daddy_Kink  Age_Play 
may 2017 by sternfan
The Wild Wild West: Journeys
Author's Summary: What happens when Artemus and James decide to journey away from duty? What will they find about the wider world and themselves? (WC: 189,155)
Artemis/james  Dildo  Nipple_Play  Enema  Paddling  In_a_Dressing_Room  Big_Dick  Spanking  WC:150001--250000  Wild_Wild_West(TV_Show)  Cock_Ring  PWP  Start_of_a_Relationship 
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Tag Teaming Alex and his uncut manhood - Now in High Def!
What’s a buck worth these days? Thanks to our buddies at, it’s actually more valuable than you think, considering a trial membership to their site is only $1! I know, right? Recession? What recession!

Of course, there’s bound to be some naysayers out there, so to all you who doubt the quality of what you can get for a dollar, I say one thing – with a name like HighDefTwinks, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s clear, crisp shots of hot and heavy young guy action.

Take their latest update, where they put a hot, dark-haired young twink named Alex, and lock him in a hotel room with two of his horny buddies. The threesome immediately travels to the bed, where they strip each other’s underwear off, and star tag-teaming Alex’s cock, taking turns licking and stroking every inch of his uncut manhood. Alex obviously likes it; this kid can’t get enough of kissing his buddies, and we can’t blame him with a pair of soft, red lips like his. Something tells me Alex may have to save his dollar to buy a tube of chapstick when this hotel hook-up is over and through…
Gay_Porn_Sites  Cum  Twinks  Gang_Bang  Ass_Play  Fucking  Group  Threeway  Blowjob  Big_Dick  from google
may 2008 by snipergirl
Sneak Peek: Mark and Samuel Slurp and Suck in Lucas Kazan’s new movie!
There’s always one scene in every porn movie that has you blowin’ your wad better and faster than anything else in the entire flick. That one guy who has you trippin’ over your sagging pants and diving for the rewind button over and over again.

In Lucas Kazan’s recent blockbuster, The Men I Wanted, that scene was definitely by and far the one between Mark and Samuel. Seriously – just look at these thick pricks. You don’t find meat like this in the States. No, these two don’t speak a lick of English, but what they lack in verbal prowess, they make up for in sheer enthusiasm and passion for slurping up each other’s cocks.

Sure, you should probably go out and rent this movie immediately, because it’s a good one. But just to get an idea what trouble you’re about to get yourself into, hop over to and check out the rest of this steamy set. Muscled-up Mark may look a bit intimidating, but he’s more than willing to take it like a champ from Samuel. I mean, really – who wouldn’t?
Gay_Porn_Sites  Gay_Porn_Stars  Euro-Boys  Uncut  Gay_Porn_Studios  Porn  Fucking  European  Exhibitionist  Straight  Bodybuilders  Sports  Blowjob  Big_Dick  from google
may 2008 by snipergirl
Lucas Bangs Brady Hard and Fast at
Ah, the great outdoors. Birds chirping, the sun shinning - and two well-built studs giving each other sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Okay, so it’s not your typical outdoor adventure, but in the land of, it’s all too common.

 Here, you can’t move an inch without knocking into a straight-from-the-gym hunk with a cute face and a sexy set of bangs (I know, it’s strange, but there’s something about the boys on this site and bangs. They fucking love them! Perhaps it’s a Midwest thing, since most of the bros are corn-fed country guys?)

Of course, hair isn’t the only thing banging with their latest duo of newbie Brady and fan-favorite Lucas. According to Corbin, Brady was curious as to what it’s be like to have a hard, fast fuck with one of the site’s most popular models (and someone Brady had had a crush on for a long time now), and Lucas was more than happy to oblige.

 You can totally tell in just a few preview shots we have here that Lucas is going to be in total control of this sexy session, the way he holds Brady in place with his thick, musclar arms and his intense gaze.  Brady, consider your wish Lucas’s every command!
Str8  Cum  Gay_Porn_Studios  College  Frat  Fucking  Muscle  Blowjob  Hardcore_Sex  Big_Dick  from google
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Lucky’s all smiles as he gets rocked and rolled at
Isn’t Lucky’s smile absolutely infectious? No, not the kind of I was sort of drunk and slept with a homeless guy and now I have a staph infection that I just can’t shake infectious way. No,  this one is more like the infectious that’s so good you don’t want it to go away type of way. The stay-around-as-long-as-you-like infectious way that we positively adore.

Just take a look at the latest preview clip from and you’ll know just what we mean. First of all, the sex scene looks way spicy. You’ve got your typical beefy slice of perfection with Braden, but then you throw Lucky into the mix and things start looking absolutely amazing.

Not only does he voraciously gulp down Braden’s stiff dick, but he’s all smiles as he’s rocked and roll in every different position with Braden tearing apart his ass by the armful. Keep smilin’ Lucky – We know we’ll be as we’re watching this on loop all weekend long!
Gay_Porn_Sites  Feet  Porn  Randy_Blue  Ass_Play  Fucking  Muscle  Blowjob  Hardcore_Sex  Big_Dick  from google
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