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Democratizing Data at Airbnb – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
Like many startups, the number of employees at Airbnb has grown significantly over the past several years. In parallel we have seen explosive growth in both the amount of data and the number of…
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10 days ago by mreinbold
cgarciae/pypeln: Concurrent data pipelines made easy

Pypeline is a simple yet powerful python library for creating concurrent data pipelines.

- Pypeline was designed to solve simple medium data tasks that require concurrency and parallelism but where using frameworks like Spark or Dask feel exaggerated or unnatural.
- Pypeline exposes an easy to use, familiar, functional API.
- Pypeline enables you to build pipelines using Processes, Threads and asyncio.Tasks via the exact same API.
- Pypeline allows you to have control over the memory and cpu resources used at each stage of your pipeline.
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21 days ago by andrewsardone

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