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Are You Setting Your Data Scientists Up to Fail?
First, think through how you want data scientists to contribute
Second, immerse data scientists in your business
Third, obsess on quality, professionalism, and business results
Finally, encourage data scientists to “pull on a thread.” A thread is something that looks out of place in the data.

"top 10 skills for a data scientist include machine learning, R, Python, data mining, data analysis, data science, SQL, MatLab, big data, and statistical modeling
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29 days ago by tom.reeder
Deep Learning - The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained
The zoo of neural network types grows exponentially. One needs a map to navigate between many emerging architectures and approaches. Fortunately, Fjodor van Veen from Asimov institute compiled a…
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5 weeks ago by dkfinancial
Up to Speed on Deep Learning: September, Part 2 and October, Part 1
Continuing our series of deep learning updates, we pulled together some of the awesome resources that have emerged since our last post on September 20th. In case you missed it, here are our past…
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5 weeks ago by dkfinancial
De l’automatisation des inégalités |
Dans une récente  tribune pour le New York Times, lavocate Elisabeth Mason (@elismason1), directrice du Laboratoire pauvreté et technologie qui ...
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5 weeks ago by vloux
Data Concentration In Platforms - A Modest Proposal - John Battelle's Search Blog
Over the past few years I’ve been looking for a grand unifying theory that explains my growing discomfort with technology, an industry for which I’ve been a mostly unabashed cheerleader these past three decades.
I think it all comes down to how our society manages its most crucial new resource: Data.
That our largest technology companies have cornered the market on the data that powers our society’s most important functions is not in question. Who better than Amazon understands at-scale patterns in commerce (and with AWS, our demand for compute-related resources)? Who better than Google understands what products, services, and knowledge we want, and our path to finding them? Who better than Facebook understands our relationships to others and our interaction with (often bad) ideas? And who better than Apple (and Google) understand the applications, services, and entertainment we choose to engage with every day (not to mention our location, our ID, our most personal data, and on and on)?
These companies also dominate two crucial assets related to data: The compute power necessary to translate data into actionable insights, and the human talent required to leverage them both. Taken together, these three assets — massive amounts of data, massive compute platforms, and legions of highly trained engineers and data scientists — represent our society’s best path to understanding itself, and thereby improving all of our lives.
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Data Concentration In Platforms – A Modest Proposal
John Batelle writes about data and compute concentration in the tech sector...
Other than his overuse of em dashes, I really love this review from someone that knows what they are talking about.
For professional and personal reasons I've been spending a lot more time familiarizing myself with Amazon technologies. It's damn impressive and at some level scary. The average person has no idea how advanced this technology is and how much data can be scooped up and processed with little effort. But as Batelle points out, it's not being used for public good in ways that it could be....
Data is the future of politics, society, and human rights, yet our political organizations are stuck mostly in the past and denying that any of this is important. As net neutrality dies, most administration boot-lickers are dismissing that anything out of the ordinary is happening.
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194

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