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How to Call B.S. on Big Data: A Practical Guide | The New Yorker
Michelle Nijhuis reports on a course at the University of Washington, in Seattle, that teaches students to approach data-backed claims with skepticism.
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19 days ago by mac
What Blockchain Could Mean for Marketing
4 Vs of Big Data (Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity)

"Studies have shown that when it comes to the impact of frequency of ad exposure on consumers’ propensity to buy, anywhere from four to six ad exposures is optimal.
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21 days ago by tom.reeder
The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained
The zoo of neural network types grows exponentially. One needs a map to navigate between many emerging architectures and approaches. Fortunately, Fjodor van Veen from Asimov institute compiled a…
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29 days ago by tranqy
Palantir Knows Everything About You
Founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel and some fellow PayPal alumni, Palantir cut its teeth working for the Pentagon and the CIA in Afghanistan and Iraq. The company’s engineers and products don’t do any spying themselves; they’re more like a spy’s brain, collecting and analyzing information that’s fed in from the hands, eyes, nose, and ears. The software combs through disparate data sources—financial documents, airline reservations, cellphone records, social media postings—and searches for connections that human analysts might miss. It then presents the linkages in colorful, easy-to-interpret graphics that look like spider webs. U.S. spies and special forces loved it immediately; they deployed Palantir to synthesize and sort the blizzard of battlefield intelligence. It helped planners avoid roadside bombs, track insurgents for assassination, even hunt down Osama bin Laden. The military success led to federal contracts on the civilian side....

People and objects pop up on the Palantir screen inside boxes connected to other boxes by radiating lines labeled with the relationship: “Colleague of,” “Lives with,” “Operator of [cell number],” “Owner of [vehicle],” “Sibling of,” even “Lover of.” If the authorities have a picture, the rest is easy. Tapping databases of driver’s license and ID photos, law enforcement agencies can now identify more than half the population of U.S. adults.
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8 weeks ago by shannon_mattern

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